Monday, October 27, 2014

Acqua di Parma Collezione Murano: Christmas Holidays Gift Ideas

The silhouette of the small island is visible from Fondamenta Nuove to the open sea. Known as the “Isle of Glass”, Murano is famous the world over as the place of origin of beautiful glass objects and sculptures. A patchwork of workshops and furnaces spreading across the lagoon, where skilled masters work, blow, cut, and shape their unique masterpieces. The art of glass-blowing was developed in Venice in the year 1000. In 1291 furnaces were moved to Murano and since then the whole island has been dedicated to the glass-blowing art. In Murano, like nowhere else, Italian genius figured out a variety of techniques to draw different and fascinating shapes from glass.

With the Collezione Murano, Acqua di Parma launches a new form of multi-sensory design: combining the famous art of Venetian glass-blowing with 3 ambient fragrances in double-poured wax.

The bright and floral notes of the linden tree spread through the air and seem to unveil the thousand secret gardens concealed among the canals and buildings in Venice. A city within the city, pervaded with green, flowers, and perfumes. A fragrance full of light, enriched with sweet honey and elegant sandal wood.

The flame fluctuates gently, meanwhile the deep embracing notes of mahogany are perceived, blended with the energizing accents of vetiver and the resinous ones of elemi. These are the warm and intense scents of one of the wood varieties used by Venetian craftsmen to make the famous gondolas, which was also used in the past to build the huge vessels sailing towards the East.

A fragrance diffusing the soft notes of tonka. A scent inspired by the splendor of  Venice, the ancient exchange and trade venue. A maze of bazaars and small shops, a crossroads of travelers and merchants that brought treasures from all over the world. Dive into the past with a voluptuous fragrance, which blends tonka with caressing vanilla, spicy clove accents and vibrant ginger notes.

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  1. Oh I love Murano glass and I do have a collection.
    I know I am "old fashioned" but I adore the dophino glasses. When I was young I saw the movie "Boy on a Dolphin" with Sofia Loren - that started it !! LOL
    I have 2 glasses and 2 goblets with the dolphin in the stem. I also have a big tazza with the dolphin and it sits on my dinning table. All different colours .
    I do love these new ones too - very modern from my collection - I would buy the linden !

  2. M,

    they all sound just lovely. What a wonderful collection. I have Swarovski figurines myself.
    Dolphins are very popular here (and they're shapely too, so fine for crystalware).
    Love "Boy on a Dolphin" song, especially as sung by Sofia; she sings pitch perfect with an excellent, very true Greek accent, uncanny!

  3. Miss Heliotrope06:28

    The first sounds my sort of thing - I have a single millefiore vase, which I adore...


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