Monday, April 7, 2014

Frederic Malle by the Numbers

"$0 Amount Malle has spent on advertising. Bucking the industry trend of hiring celebrities to sell product, Malle is tight-lipped and protective of his famous clientele.

2,000 raw materials The amount at the International Flavors & Fragrances scent lab for creating perfumes. Roughly 250 are used regularly by Malle and the perfumer Jovanovic.

350 The approximate number of variations Malle and a perfumer typically go through in developing a single scent.

19 fragrances The number in his current collection, including one collaboration with his friend Dries Van Noten. Malle opened his first store in Paris with only eight."

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This is part of a longer article about Frederic Malle opening two new boutiques, one in Rome and one in West Village, NYC. You can read the entire article on this link. 

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