Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aromaforks: Scent Gadget to Enhance Food Experience

"A techy new fork boasts a special panel that can be infused with scents.
The Aromafork has a built-in spot for strips whose scents, when paired with actual food, can be registered by the brain as a new flavor combination.
The strips are made of materials not unlike facial blotting papers, and can be loaded with scents including chocolate, banana, basil, coconut and wasabi, among others."Read more on the Daily Mail.

pic via the dailymail/Molecule-R Flavors Inc.

Of course flavor is in big part smell, so this makes sense. I bet dedicated foodies however might have a dissenting voice or two among them.

What do you think? Wow or Yawn?


  1. I've read that the smell of food works within the brain to signal fullness and some combinations are more effective than others. It would be interesting if the fork could be used to satiate an unhealthy craving or to help with weight control. It could have potential to make cheap food taste better, perhaps? Then again it could just be another useless gimmick.

  2. Miss Heliotrope06:22

    Vote two for useless gimmick.

    You could just eat one of these things.

  3. In my everyday life when I've access to most ingredients for cooking and can eat anything I want, I don't see myself using this. On the other hand, it would be very handy for people who are restricted to a certain (boring) diet or confined to hospital with only hospital food to eat.

  4. I vote "Yawn". The "O" phone is more interesting and with more applications than this fork.

  5. Stephan15:04

    Come on, give me a break. I can't imagine who in his or her right mind would want to have this. Suggestion: Try to eat your potato mash with some concentrated civet or some Sécrétions Magnifiques on the fork. Bon appétit

  6. Maria14:11

    Is it gonna make spinach taste like chocolate? If not, it's an utterly useless thing.
    I can't help but think - who finances that research?! Is it grant funded? Makes my heart break...

  7. Interesting comments!!

    I suppose it could be useful when confined in a hospital or when trying to make a particular flavor dissipate on an otherwise brilliant product (I'm trying hard to think of a brilliant product that tastes awful though…)


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