Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Smell Perception & the Neuroscience of Personality, Sun 2/23 in NYC

The two Karens of Sniffapalooza have created an event to be held on Sunday, February 23rd, in NYC.  The premise is how the chemical aspects of perfumery affect our smell perception and preferences and link to our personality traits (It also acts as a promo for the DAT line developed by Dr.Shamil, Dr.Fischer and M.Nardin, read on).

The event starts at 2pm with an elegant tea party at the theatre-district resto Etcetera Etcetera! The journey is led by Dr. Syed Shamil, who earned a Ph.D in Taste and Smell Perception from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, before going on to managerial positions at PepsiCo, as well as leading flavor and fragrance houses Firmenich and Mane. Dr. Shamil has partnered with Dr. Helen Fisher, a renowned Biological Anthropologist, award-winning lecturer, research professor at Rutgers University, and the Chief Scientific Advisor at Match.com,  and Robertet Master Perfumer Mathieu Nardin, to create DAT (Doctor's Aromatic Treat). DAT is a line of 4 gender non-specific perfumes based on the neuroscience of personality and developed specifically to attract four broad, biologically-based styles of personality: Explorer, Builder, Director & Negotiator (according to the developers). Guests will have the option to take Dr. Fisher's questionnaire. Time for questions with Dr. Shamil, Dr. Fisher, and M. Nardin is also provided for, with the event finishing at about 4pm.

The registration fee to reserve your spot is $45, and reservations will be taken on a first-come basis. More info for those interested on this page.


  1. So interesting about personality types. The four mentioned might correspond to the very basic types such as:
    Explorer = Extroverted
    Builder = Technical
    Director = Bold
    Negotiator = Sensitive
    Would love to know details about the perfumes that correspond with these types.

  2. Ha! I thought it was mostly a promo for the frag line with a scientific pretext on top. ;-)
    But don't mind me, I've become disillusioned.

    (I have to say I don't find myself in any of those categories. Well, I'm sensitive but no negotiator, no way Jose!)

  3. I never doubted for a split-second that it was a marketing ploy, but I still find it interesting. It probably is just about as accurate as the astrological sign perfume recommendations...still interesting though! I buy what I like in every single category of purchase, but STILL find the marketing of most of what I don't buy (wait for it...) interesting. This is why I enjoy your many blogs featuring perfume ads, bottles, celebrity reps, storylines, etc. Thanks for such thought provoking writing.

  4. Aw, thank you! Glad it's all taken in the right spirit. :-)

    Yes, I bet the premise that it's still interesting didn't escape them (esp. going by the axiom that people want to belong and at the same time want to feel individual)


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