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Guerlain Muguet 2014 and Guerlain News: Terracotta Le Parfum, reissues & discontinuations

Every May 1st, the Guerlain clientele can wear that year's limited edition of Guerlain Muguet which celebrates the "good luck" charm that lily of the valley stands for. The tradition of re-issuing the Muguet (i.e. Lily of the Valley) perfume dates from 2006 and you can find an article with the history and the bottles of the different annual edition of Guerlain Muguet on this link.


This year Guerlain appealed to ceramist Brigitte de Bazelaire (associated with Porcelaines de la Fabrique who manufacture Limoges china since 1825). The process requires a double "baking" at more than 1000 degrees Centigrade.
The white biscuit porcelain container contains a bee bottle with a white bow and pale green liquid inside. The design reprises the style of Les Parisiennes, the boutique line sold at boutiques and espaces Guerlain. The scent is a realistic lily of the valley soliflore with additional notes of jasmine, bergamot and rose. The 2014 Guerlain Muguet edition is presented in 1872 numbered bottles internationally sold for 400 euros for 125ml, available from May 1st and for only a few days.


There also other news for Guerlain maniacs:
First of all a discontinuation, though I'm expecting it won't go down with too much wailing: Guerlain L'Homme Eau (2010) is discontinued, a rumor which was originally reported on Mr.Guerlain's page and officially confirmed by Guerlain. Available therefore only while stocks last.

But there is also a reissue: Idylle Duet Rose Patchouli (from 2011), a flanker to the original Idylle, more info on which you can read on the linked article

Last but not least, Terracota le Parfum is a limited edition to celebrate 30 years of Terracotta products which have made the reputation of Guerlain makeup to the widths of the globe. This is a solar fragrance (reminiscent of summer via its salicylates allusions, not different than the effect in Terracotta Voile d'Ete  most probably) and you can see a linked picture of the bottle on Instagram.


  1. It seems that in terms of price versus size this is one of the Muguet versions with the best price.
    I love the green Juice, but i confess that i cannot like lily of the valley :( I have the 2009 version that i end no wearing due to this. It's beautiful, but not for me.

  2. I love the limoges container. I am excited about the Idylle Rose Patchouli. I have a bottle and enjoy it.

  3. Anonymous22:38

    I'll try this Idylle flanker if I get a chance. I another flanker, Idylle Eau Sublime, which is selling for a song, practically. nozknoz

  4. H,

    that's a pity: I think you should it either gift it to someone who loves it or sell it. ;-)
    This hue is very becoming to my eye as well.

  5. A,

    the Limoges container is indeed very cute (and fitting with such a pastoral theme as LOTV).

    I suppose Idylle R-P got more chaffing than it deserved to when it launched (with people tired of more "Narciso" influenced frags); more people than anticipated it liked it in the end. So good on you and them for re-issuing it!

  6. Noz,

    that's very interesting info, thank you for bringing it here. I have missed smelling Eau Sublime in the Idylle stable and think I should now that you mention it; will keep my eyes peeled for a sample.

  7. Anonymous15:34

    I just wanted to describe my experiences after having finally bought one bottle of the 2014 Le Muguet.

    I pre-ordered it at a German department store in March. Because they did not let me know about the scent's arrival, as they had promised, I went there by the end of April and was lucky enough to get my bottle.

    When I tried to phone the very nice sales lady the next day, I had her colleague on the phone. She said to me: "So you're the one who got that bottle. It's a pity which comments we have to suffer from our customers." This left me flabbergasted.

    She also told me she was from another city's branch of that store.

    It turned out that one bottle too much had been sold and another customer had become very angry because of missing the bottle promised to her.

    When I went to that store again two days ago I met to my great dismay that sales lady. First thing she told me was: "Oh, I come from another branch."

    I then thought I knew what I was at, but I was wrong.

    As it turned out it was she who had mistakenly sold that bottle in question.

    If I had not opened mine already I would very very much like to give it back.

    I simply cannot believe this.

    The nice sales lady had tried to get another bottle from Guerlain, but they would not let her have one.

    Which I cannot understand either, as Guerlain offers Le Muguet to buy online on their French homepage.

    So in the end it cannot be that limited a quantity of those bottles around that Guerlain would not be able to spare one of them for one of their employees who got into trouble undeservedly.

    They could at least make her and the other customer happy.


  8. Petra,

    that's a veritable saga, thank you!

    I think it doesn't have to do with the Guerlain headquarters, so much as with the Guerlain internal distribution system. Maybe it's how it is with other brands, a specific amount of X bottles for Y country and that's it? My guess.
    In any case, lucky you, bad for the SA, unfortunate for the customer who was promised and a mess for everyone….

    Thanks for sharing with us!!

  9. Anonymous16:21

    Hello Elena!

    As you wrote, there's a limited quantity X for country Y.

    But as Guerlain have been offering Le Muguet for some weeks on their website I suppose they could spare one bottle for a distraught sales lady.

    When your goods are for sale online, I think there's not much left of exclusivity.

    Of course, there's a lot more money to be made by selling directly.

    I have talked to one retailer who was not happy at all about Orto Parisi first assuring her there'd be no online shop and opening one some days later.

    I'd like to know what Guerlain retailers think about the new sales policy, especially the French ones.


  10. A very valid line of argumentation and honestly, I'm interested in finding out WHAT the Guerlain people might say, in case they're reading (I know that they do read from time to time). I'm sure they'd like to make things right.
    Keep me posted, if there are developments!

  11. Anonymous19:36

    Actually I wrote to Guerlain Paris and Düsseldorf.

    I have received an answer from Paris telling me that they are taking into earnest consideration my thoughts about limited sales and will pass them on to Düsseldorf.

    Well...let's wait and see


  12. A ha!! Very interesting.
    I have some more news on this LE thing on today's post, so check it out shortly.

  13. Anonymous17:29

    Today I received a parcel from Guerlain Düsseldorf also containing a letter which said that they were able to provide one spare bottle of Le Muguet for the unlucky client/sales lady.

    This actually made me very happy.

    They stressed the fact, however, that internet sales in France had nothing to do with limited sales in Germany.


  14. It's especially pleasing to hear they were so considerate. Good for them! (and for the SA) Thanks for relaying the news for us.
    It's also interesting what they said about online sales. I suppose with ebay being blocked re:Guerlain in France, that had something to do with "exclusivity" held within the country in that regard.

  15. It's especially pleasing to hear they were so considerate. Good for them! (and for the SA) Thanks for relaying the news for us.
    It's also interesting what they said about online sales. I suppose with ebay being blocked re:Guerlain in France, that had something to do with "exclusivity" held within the country in that regard.


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