Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Start 2014 with a Grand Perfume Prize: One to One Consultation Making your Own Perfume (Win 450$ Worth Gift)

Happy New Year to all my readers and may 2014 be fragrant and loving!!
You may have noticed before our banner sponsor above, the Tijon Fragrance Lab Boutique in California, who is offering custom consultations, allowing you to make your own perfume guided by trained professionals that will see you through the steps. If this idea had always appealed to you but thought it prohibitively expensive and out of reach, read on.

For this special day of the year, Tijon is offering a great prize for Perfume Shrine readers:
one winner wins a gift certificate for two for a 2.5 hour fragrance making session at Tijon Fragrance Lab in La Jolla, California, worth 300$. (NOT redeemable for cash). You can select from 300 oils, get a bottle of your very own perfume, an unlimited amount of recipe trials, an education on perfume history and notes composition (top-middle-base notes) and a workbook for taking home.
But that's not all: this ALSO includes a $75.00 gift bag for each person (thus a TOTAL OF 450$!)
(The only requirement is that the winner will need to visit La Jolla sometimes in 2014, so if you're international take this in mind; assuming you can go, you're eligible.)

Here is the quiz question:
The first person to answer correctly wins!

Play along!
(And if you haven't checked our resident giveaway for some free Amouage perfume, join the draw which remains open till Friday midnight)


  1. morticia23:46

    That's a great question Elena. Maybe vanilla or musk. I'd go in a different direction but this is a "G" rated forum (I think). LOL

  2. morticia23:50

    OMG!!! I just googled it and I never would've guessed that answer. WOW!

  3. Anonymous23:53

    Lavender and pumpkin pie :)

  4. Oh Helg , that is easy!

    Lavendviagra !!!! :)

  5. lavender and pumpkin pie!!! agghhh!

  6. Elia10:13

    I'll take cinnamon

  7. I would never thought that. ;)

  8. Filomena81315:36

    Lavender and pumpkin pie!

  9. Wow, this is amazing giveaway.
    Re the contest question, vanilla, maybe?

  10. Maria18:17

    Buttery hot cinnamon buns!

  11. Lavander and puumkin pie! what a mix ;)

  12. Anonymous21:05

    I admit I googled it too:
    Lavender (or lovender?) and pumpkin pie is the answer
    Personaly I thought most men like sweet scents in the vanilla spectrum but have also heard that some others fancy bacon smell too!
    A man's soul is Abyss's soul
    (Greek proverb)

  13. Marius410:01

    the combined scent of lavender and pumpkin pie, as well as donuts and black licorice, increased blood flow to the penis by nearly 40 percent....but i'm late, i see....

  14. I knew the answer from a really random article years ago, when I was into pumpkin pie scents...take that as you will ;)
    Probably can't go to California anyways. Whoever does, have a great time!

  15. guess im too late, but ill put my two cents in. answer in lavender and pumpkin pie.

  16. Lavandin gives the best results with pumpkin pie – Lavandin is not lavender but a cross between lavender and spike lavender in the same way that a mule is a cross between a horse and donkey.

  17. Hi guys!

    The winner is Moonlocks. That's the correct answer. Apparently this is culturally contextualised, but whatever. ;-)

    (If Moonlocks can't make it to California within 2014, the runner up is Jean).

    Moonlocks, please email me so I can get you in touch with the owner of La Jollia lab. Thanks!


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