Friday, January 17, 2014

How Does Scent Marketing Works? ScentAir on BBC1

An interesting video, highlighting a specific company, nevertheless providing some insights into this popular form of marketing.


  1. On me=? Not at all. That is why I am here and surfing perfume blogs on the net

  2. Hilde,

    I guess we're all analyzing too much for marketing's own good. LOL!

    Good point on the reading!!

  3. Sally M01:53

    Its very common when you either show a house for sale or go to an open house for them to have vanilla candles or some sort of vanilla-y scent going. Our real estate agent advised us to either bake cookies or bread before showing our house or have some vanilla candles/plug in thing to induce a warm, cozy, homey atmosphere, so this makes video lot of sense to me.

  4. Sally,

    this is exactly an area where scent marketing seems to work wonders. I didn't realize about the vanillic element, though it makes sense, but bread is a universal "homey" note which is put to good effect even when awaiting guests for a dinner party, so…

    Thanks for chiming in!

  5. Maria18:00

    Wonder if it will work in second-hand clothes shop... At least thrift shop! Or if any kind of scent could save those shops that normally have awful stale smell of damp old fabric.

  6. M,

    I would assume that anything might be preferable to damp old fabric smell! So, yes, it would work and I'm surprised that not more people have thought of at least having a plug-in for heaven's sake. That musty mouldy smell is the height of undesirable, at least in a Greek-related context, as if you haven't washed and dried the clothes in a clothesline but in a mouldy bathroom ;-)

  7. Cool! I do notice scents sometimes in stores but don't think they help. But maybe they do....

  8. Mim,

    you know, sometimes I like to think in reverse: imagine if it were the wrong choice of ambient scent, would it encourage your staying in the shop and browsing? No, so…. :-)

    Personally I can get why they're used, but I'd like them to be a bit toned down: sometimes you're passing across a shop (on the sidewalk) and a waft of white musk & powder is buoying and you feel as if you're about to fluff up in a giant menacing cloud and lose connection with this earth. LOL!


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