Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Faded Polaroid: My review of the New M.Micallef "Mon Parfum Cristal"

Mon Parfum Cristal is the new release by niche perfume brand M.Micallef. The descriptions and the breakdown of notes (cinnamon, pink pepper, rose, toffy, vanilla, amber, musk) do small justice to the feeling it spontaneously provoked in me.

Arguably a very personal one, but this cuddly, truly lovely, creamy scent is meant for personal associations, so it will have to do. You can find my review of it, replete with complementary media, on this link on Fragrantica.


  1. Mayakovsky and amber rose! That was unexpected, evocative and utterly convincing. Thank you - a magnificent review.

  2. Idomeneus,

    thank you for saying so. I'm glad such a personal reference resonates.
    It's a lovely perfume!


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