Saturday, July 6, 2013

Miss Perfumado: Assim dxam morrê ô flor (Let me die in this way, my flower)

Let me die dreaming
Under the vigil of sad eyes
Of a kind young lady
With a sweet-scented body
Let me die in this way, my flower
Under the shade of your gentle little eyes
Let me die dreaming
Like a dove into her nest
If the dove is happy in her nest
So am I, under the look
And the caresses from
This sweet-scented miss.

Miss Perfumado, Portuguese fado sung by Cesária Évora, translated in English.


  1. Anonymous15:54

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  2. Anonymous17:39

    How lovely:)


  3. Beautiful, really. Sad, but very touching. Have a nice w-end. V

  4. Really nice like it...

  5. Thanks for the intro to Cesaria Evora. I read the entry on Wikipedia, on her, and Cape Verde. So now I have the YouTube playlist on. No words.

  6. It’s lovely, but it is not a fado. I believe this songs is best categorized has a Morna, a popular genre in Cape Verde

  7. Anonymous01:10

    i like the first line by itself:

    let me die dreaming.

    nice way to go, no? and full of double meaning.


  8. Ana,

    "morna" it is then! I like the sad feeling of fados, I suppose I am carried away by the poignancy of the lyrics here. Thanks for the correction.

  9. J,

    the best possible way, in my books :-)

    (It is a song with such lovely lyrics, as there is poignancy in choosing how to pass away, but also a sense of capturing a last remnant of control over it, therefore a victory of sorts)

  10. That's lovely! And what a weird portuguese (my mother language is portuguese, but from Brazil)

  11. S,

    isn't it?

    Unfortunately I can' profess an opinion on the Portuguese, though it sounds lovely to my ear in any incarnation (Latin-derived languages always do).


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