Friday, June 14, 2013

Recommendations, Trends & Forecasting

At the request of many of my readers, I'm sharing some previous articles and consultations in print magazines, featuring my views on perfume trends and forecasting. On Happi, Christine Esposito posed to me interesting questions regarding the direction of trends for spring-summer 2013, but she also covers many stats for the industry at large, including end of 2012 sales data in the US, celebrity scent launches and the description of a trip from Brazil to Grasse, France. Read the article here.

Beauty Launchpad, which is distributed in the Middle East and India, asked me for my recommendations on perfume ads that speak to the imagination. The article is called "Fantasy & Promises: A Selection of Memorable Perfume Ads". Obviously due to space constraints, I couldn't expand on everything that has caught my mind's RAM, but I hope you enjoy reading all the same, following this link or directly below (you will need to use the "zoom" button)


  1. This will make great weekend reading, thanks!

  2. Anonymous04:09

    I LOVE this Blog! I hope I win the free perfume bottle!


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