Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CB I Hate Perfume #610 Outside: new fragrance

Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume maverick brand launches his latest ready-to-wear fragrance, #610 Outside. Formulated by founder and perfumer Christopher Brosius, Outside pays true homage to his country roots; after one too many a run-in with mosquitoes in the family's Pennsylvania garden, Christopher designed this fragrance to be first and foremost, a bug repellant. It is a fresh, vibrant scent that has notes of Lavender and Oregano, among others - and with it's bug-repelling qualities - it's here just in time for those sweltering summer BBQs.

Christopher Brosius, a cult figure among perfume cognoscenti is a Fragrance Foundation award-winner and the first perfumer to ever be recognized by the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum for the way scent is designed. He has created countless groundbreaking scents and continues his work today through his namesake label, CB I Hate Perfume.

A sincere disdain for bugs, especially the flying variety, is the inspiration behind the latest CB I Hate Perfume scent, Outside. More than 10 years in the making, this bug repellant perfume has finally been brought to fruition by utilizing elements organically found in plant life, and it’s been well worth the wait.
“I hate bugs. Particularly mosquitoes. So this perfume began in 1992 as a bug repellant for me when I lived in the country. I knew from my research that one of the principal reasons plants produce their essential oils is to protect themselves from insects and I discovered several essential oils that were particularly effective to protect me from insects as well. The challenge then became to blend these various oils so that they truly smelled like perfume. Which, after a period of experimentation, is just what I did.”

So forever say goodbye to chemical sprays, creams and citronella candles and embrace CB’s latest Limited Edition fragrance that just so happens to keep you smelling lovely and bug-free at the same time. CB fans might remember an original version of the scent found only in the Gallery, but the new incarnation of the fragrance is more refined, and wears ‘deeper and richer’ than the original. OUTSIDE perfume is a refreshing, lively scent that contains notes of lavender, geranium, patchouli, bergamot and a touch of Oregano, among others. It opens with a burst of freshness, and dries to a ‘soft,’ slightly floral finish.
OUTSIDE is currently available in 15ML Absolute ($115) and a 100ML Water Perfume ($100) at the CB I Hate Perfume Gallery in Brooklyn and online at cbihateperfume.com


  1. Great idea! I am guessing the water based edition would work better for the purpose this is designed for.

  2. MIss Heliotrope01:55

    Clever but...the joy of the outside (says an Australian) is that it is full of all sorts of things - I know there are many nasties that can spoil one's outside time, and that this is far nicer than repellant, but the insects do have a purpose.

    So a bit confused.

  3. Miss Heliotrope01:56

    & that's a lot of money for bug spray - lavender oil can do the same for less, let alone the boring repellants.

  4. Prince Barry09:40

    Sounds good. At least no mention of the old standby bug repellant Citronella haha. Not much call for bug repellants in Yorkshire though :)

  5. Kosta,

    I suppose so, though how tenacious and diffusive would it be? It remains to be seen.

  6. MH,

    indeed, but you're sitting on the most dangerous in terms of indigenous fauna place on the whole wide world, remember! They do have a place and a raison d'etre, though, with that I agree whole-heartedly, even though bugs produce a less than controlled reaction in me ;-D

  7. MH,

    alas I have never found lavender (or citronella or basil or, or, or...) doing anything really serious with the bugs I encounter. They seem almost indestructible too. (Hate roaches for instance and they are sooooo resilient)

  8. PB,

    citronella is getting tired, I agree. It needs to be used in the tons amount too, to produce any effect.

    Well, you have the advantage of no bugs in Yorkshire, we have the advantage of warm sunshine, one can't have everything I suppose. *sigh*

  9. Anonymous13:34

    One of my workmates knocked a bottle of citronella off the shelf. Smash! The haze lasted the better part of a week in that aisle. I swore this to be the very same accord that I smelled in my outrageously expensive Acqua di Parma shaving soap.

  10. solanace00:37

    I'm with Miss Heliotrope, sounds a bit expensive for a bug spray. I'll keep wearing my Fracas along with some nasty chemical stuff, because the beach where I go is mosquito country, and I bet they would just love this aromatic blend.

  11. Robert,

    ha, that's funny! (or not so funny, considering the price you paid). Citrus and citrus smelling essences are cheap, with few exceptions, so you know you're paying for anything else (packaging, quality lather, etc) but the smell.

  12. S,

    well, it shouldn't JUST be a bug spray, me thinks, but I do think that you will attract all sorts of strange things with a combo of Fracas (insect magnet) plus bug repellant?
    I find strong patchouli fragrances which aren't too fruity/sweet (i.e. not Angel) work somewhat well for bugs.

    Anecdote: I had been stung by a bee which smelled my SL Fleurs d'Oranger once: you know there's natural stuff in that, at least. ;-)


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