Monday, May 20, 2013

Le Labo Limette 37 City-Exclusive: new fragrance

Don't expect Le Labo's San Francisco exclusive to be a chilly summer fog essence or the Golden Gate in a bottle. Le Labo is hot on the heels of the launch of two new fragrances, Lys 41 and Ylang 49, part of the classic le Labo collection, with another city-exclusive to substitute for the loss of Aldehyde 44 for Dallas, due to discontinuation, (see a review of Aldehyde 44 here), after the closing down of the Barneys boutique distribution there.

 [Photo by Kathrin Thelen via]

According to the official blurb by the company: "Limette 37's reference to San Francisco is abstract and delves into its olfactive construction that mimics the hilly ride from Le Labo's Fillmore street store to the bay. You start off with a view, with bergamote's freshness and light, before plunging into the warm and welcoming effects of jasmine, petit grain and clove that roll into luscious softness with vetiver, tonka beans and musks... Limette 37 is an olfactive roller coaster, mingling an impression of cleanliness, freshness and well-being with that definite feeling that you are smelling special. In a good way of course."

We'll see, I suppose. Given that many of the city exclusives are true gems (Gaiac 10, Poivre 23, Baie Rose 26 or Vanille 40), perhaps the predictable ring of the given notes will amount to more than the sum of the parts.

*This is a repost from the post of 14th May, removed since, at the request of the company.


  1. As you say, the notes list is peculiarly uninspiring. But who knows, Le Labo's names are usually fantasy anyway. However, unlike you, I am mostly unimpressed by Le Labo's overpriced city exclusives.

    The notes of the two regular line additions (lys and ylang) sound more promising (gardenia?), but it's best not to keep one's hopes high.


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  3. M,

    I think they're going for the "feel" rather more than the name itself. In fact this is a question I have asked to the founders and wait for an answer.

    I do think the prices are very high, yet I can't bring myself not to love at least two of the city-exclusives (Gaiac and Poivre); they respectively fall within my two favorite genres, musks and spicy stuff, coincidentally.

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  5. I was looking for this article and could not find it! Can you say (a) why Le Labo asked you to take it down? and then (b) Why you decided to repost it?

  6. Tqm,

    it's because
    a) they were not ready to announce it officially and they asked me nicely not to let it published before they were and
    b) because they were cool with me posting the exact same info after the official announcement which was Monday 20th.

    No big mystery :-)

    Hope this helps!


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