Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At the Moment

The establishing of spring in my city has been spectacular, with the bigaradier trees already shedding some of their fully ripe, fully fragrant orange blossoms, bees and butterflies doing the crazy mambo and sun warmth reaching 22C at noon effortlessly. This has created an especially optimistic and energized mood in me, as happens every spring like clockwork. The joys of living in a warm place, I guess.
I feel like I should lift the carpets, put flowers in my hair and go through my closets to bring warm weather clothes & accessories at the front and give away to charity anything that doesn't get the tender loving use it deserves (which if you know the bulk of things I accumulate -hanging head in shame- you'd know it's an Herculean task).

Source: via PerfumeShrine on Pinterest  And yes, this is Bettie Davis actually!

So what rocks my boat or -at the very least- occupies these days?

I'm reading The Perfume Collector by Cathleen Tessaro (the one who wrote Elegance some years ago, following the journey of a heroine who discovers Madame Dariaux's guide to elegance and ends up discovering herself); a chick-lit opus (which I was sent for your sake) about another heroine who re-invents herself, this time with perfume peppering. Review coming up.

The Marin Marais viola da gamba-highlighting Baroque piece La Sonnerie de Sainte Geneviève du Mont-de-Paris (which lovingly replicates bells happily pealing) is playing on Repeat. There's something very spring-like in it, though I generally love the music of the period.

I had tried the Gourmet vegetable variety mix from Lidl sometime in the autumn and recall being impressed by just how tasty it is; without adding anything more than a little heat, it has a meaty, onion-y richness. A great quick side dish with fresh sea bass, with meat cuts or a great basis for a healthy spring soup.

I've started using again the Shiseido Sun Compact SPF34 PA+++ (I told you it's sunny!). For now the SP40 shade looks good as these run lighter than initially showing, the sun protection is sanctioned by the Skin Cancer Foundation and I know that the sweatproof feature will be VERY handy once late May hits with its 32C degrees.
Also taken anew with the scent of Mustela rash cream; orange blossoms and a hint of lilac. Mmm...

pic Source: via Jazmine on Pinterest

I got a little obsessed with blue lately (hello 80s?). The Sephora Colorful Duo eyeshadows in 02 Intense Blue combine a deep, navy blue with slate grey with shimmer. Got mine at clearance for only 9 euros.

Trying to revisit my Italian which is getting rusty.

Guilty Pleasure
Browsing Pinterest. Actually forgetting to stop browsing Pinterest.

What are your current hits and misses? Share them in the comments.


  1. 31C expected here today, and the cherry trees in full blossom.

    SPF creams had already been out (one never knows) - on rotation, currently using mostly L'occitane immortelle (I like the vegetal smell). Summer clothes came out this weekend - light suits (cream old Jil Sander with blue and grey motifs) and colorful ties (today a light green-yellow one).


  2. Ariadne23:41

    LUUUV the music selection on this post. For me everything is a "hit" now that Persephone is back among us humans. I am delighting in turquoise in any shape, shade or fashion, kitten heel sandals with ankle straps, the cacaphony the birds make...ALL DAY, and the sound track to Last Tango in Paris.

  3. Miss Heliotrope01:49

    O boy - to rabbit on about myself.

    We're at the opposite side of the weather spectrum, so am gazing adoringly at the new jacket Anthropologie sent me & feeling smug I already have my new, hole-free blundstones. Am considering new flannel pjamas (Peter Alexander are warm & cute, which is all you can expect from winter pjs).

    Am also having Pinterest-filled days. It is nice to just look at pictures of pretty things (am under a completely different name [Topaz Mortmain] there & follow a couple of your boards already) - so much calmer than reading politics online.

    & our football (Australian Rules) season in now nearly three weeks old - this year, we're gonna win...

    We're heading into soup weather, so am going through the recipe books to remember which ones were most enjoyed.

    I read obsessively, and am in the middle of a Diana Wynne Jones kick (mostly aimed at children, but some of the most intelligent fantasy novels there are) & am starting Woolf's complete short stories - the latest volume in my reading the complete works of my favorite writer & the woman I think is the greatest English author of the 20th century.

    Music - my husband has recently aquired a banjo to go with the two guitars. It's bluegrass around here; Old Crow Medicine Show, Gillian Welch, and so on, with a side order of Indian Ragas for calmness.

    & most importantly, perfume: turning from the bright greens such as Chanel 19 to the darker Mitsouko, Rue Cambon, Cuir de Russie, Ormonde Woman, Greenwitch (this is both) & so on. Am wondering whether I can find a less expensive addition to this circle (hint)...

  4. I'm still expecting one more big snow and not quite breaking out the no 19 yet. I threw out all my old make up and splurged on some Edward Bess stuff. I did enjoy this spring's very first thunderstorm today.

  5. annemariec07:01

    I share Miss Heliotrope's weather (although not so much her Aussie rules interest)and I too am thinking ahead to cuddly PJs and blankety perfumes. I'm looking forward to breaking out my Habanita and vintage Miss Dior.

    A copy of The Perfume Collector is on its way to me but likely won't make it in time for my going on holiday next week, sadly. Not sure what books to take instead, but for perfume I'll be taking NR for Her, Ginestet Botrytis (perfect for Autumn), maybe Rose 31 ...

  6. Anonymous08:47

    Lovely to know what makes you and your readers happy! Do you know the Spanish musical theatre genre, Zarzuela? I have a feeling you would love the songs, which are full of fun, sadness, longing and life. It's beautiful music and sometimes reminds me of Greek songs. And you can feel the heat of the sun shimmering through!

  7. Helg - I have just bought that book after you wrote about it! Sounds fun and about perfume too! :)

  8. M,

    sounds beautiful!

    (Oh don't get me wrong, I wear SPF year-round, but much lower than that)

  9. A,

    glad you enjoyed the music! I love Renaissance and Baroque pieces myself; there's such an ordained rhythmical tidiness in them that is calming. (I guess the rhythmical explanation is because they're so often based on popular dances of the period)

    Turquoise is so summery! Makes one want to don a loose shirt and sandals and stroll on the tiny streets of Santorini.

    (love your soundtrack choice!)

  10. MH,

    I know that you're on opposite climatic conditions. But it sounds to me as if you have prepared well yourself!

    Thanks for the interesting recs. I'm noting down Diana Wynne Jones, as I had never heard of her and am interested in learning about modern children's fiction.

    For autumn I find that humble-ingredient soups with legumes, beans and chestnuts are the most fulfilling and comforting. (I sometimes puree the chestnuts into the soup, othertimes I leave them to boil until almost crumbling). They add a velvety smoothness without the use of flour/potato/tapioca etc.

  11. MH,

    [hit publish too soon].

    VERY much value for money autumnal chypre: Earth by Apivita (very close to the old Aromatics Elixir). Another good priced one that is overlooked is Halston original.
    And if you want something good regardless of price, seek no further than Scherrer, the green one. ;-)

  12. Eld,

    there's something about spring rain that is so hopeful eh? (and something very melancholic but very calm about August rain too)

    Edward Bess, Edward Bess...I'm flirting with the idea of really investing myself. When budget allows.

    Enjoy your new purchases!!

  13. AMC,

    warm and luxurious-felling PJs are one of life's little luxuries, isn't it? (That and smooth, breathable high-count sheets).

    LOL on the Aussie rules. (Looks all fun from afar!)

    When traveling I always take books that I had been meaning to make myself read. Lack of choice means I will force myself into them. (useful for waiting in the airport for instance) Sounds plausible? The trip is indulgent enough most of the time, so I don't often need a diversion. I realize not everyone is so, though (and that for many people trips are a necessary prerequisite of their job rather than pleasure)

    Botytris should be lovely in the crisp weather!

  14. J,

    have heard of Zarzuela (I know it's pronounced with a "th", not a "Z" too!) but haven't really delved into it. You find a connection with Greek songs? That's so interesting!

    I love fados and I love sephardic songs. When in Seville and Cordoba I was spending my days watching the flamenco performances; especially from the older people. Made me want to get up and clap my hands and clack my heels along them!

  15. M,

    it's a turnable volume. It's fluff, but at least it's nicely written (not atrocious like the bits & pieces I read in the paper picked off 50 Shades; now that was one hilarious review on that book, but it's in Greek. If Google Chrome allows you to browse with translation as i've heard, I should send it along; its deliciously MEAN!!!!)

  16. Miss Heliotrope03:27

    Thank you very much - I shall have a sniff about (ha!) - today I found Ma Griffe for $30, so am feeling rather pleased with myself.

  17. MH,

    that's a bargain! You should feel pleased (and enjoy!)


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