Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"You never stop learning in this craft" IFRA video The Story of Fragrances

In IFRANA's (IFRA North America) documentary "The Story of Fragrances," experts from the fragrance industry reveal how artistry and passion combine with science and technology to create the world's most innovative fragrances and best-selling perfumes.


  1. Enjoyed listening and watching. Thanks!

  2. Ankica,

    you're most welcome, thanks for stopping by and saying so!

  3. Anonymous10:03

    This was very interesting, but a bit ironic after last week's conversation on overexposure to fragrance in the workplace. I respect their expertise but still wish we had better labelling laws so I can avoid certain chemicals. And the one guy was (shudder) a fragrance chemist - what is wrong with nature?


  4. Isabella,

    you can't blame me on not dwelling on irony :-)

    I think chemistry gets a bad rep in perfume lovers' circles: chemistry degrees are required anyway in this profession, whether one indulges heavily in naturals or heavily in synths. All materials break down in chemistry-speak anyway! (rose absolute for instance contains hundreds of molecules, to give but one example)

    1. Anonymous23:25


      Yikes - no offense intended. And yes I get what you are saying about chemistry. Even water is something like dihydro-oxide (???). It was a fascinating video, just- ironic. Xoxoxoxo


  5. Isabella,

    none taken, don't worry! Thanks for replying. :-)

    It's especially funny when the woman on the airplane story gets told; sillage vengeance coming to slap him on the face, eh?

  6. Isabella,

    off topic question but...how on earth were you able to post your comment as a "reply" to me? Is there some mechanism I'm not aware of? Are you on a different platform when responding here? (non Goggle-based, I mean)


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