Monday, November 5, 2012

Laduree Villes Porte-Bonheur: Scented Candles Inspired by the Metropolis

The four new limited edition candles by patisserie brand Ladurée, Villes Porte-Bonheur, are the stuff of dreams celebrating 150 years of the house; not only delicious smelling themselves, but also jet-setting you into four major international destinations: London, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

London candle 
The atmosphere of an English club where leather and wax scents reign. The evocation of an early twilight, nestling in a majestic Chesterfield sofa! The masculine chic with inimitable and unshakeable English spirit..."

New York candle
A strong and vivacious scent, an apple bite, the signature of a city, an homage to New Yorkers and their insatiable appetite for life.

Paris candle
A bewitching scent of tuberose, that of a femme fatale, as disturbing and unforgettable just like this beautiful and eternal city.

Tokyo candle
The subtle fragrance of tea, an indefinable delicate flavor, blending refinement and preciosity , the mysterious Japanese touch.
"Cities as a good luck charm"then, as the name denotes. A limited edition and priced at 48 euros each. Four scented candles enclosed in jars of black, pink, green and blue, each accompanied by a beautiful jewel box with drawings emblematic of the house.

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