Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guerlain L'Heure de Nuit (Les Parisiennes): new fragrance

As appearing in the Blogdorf Goodman catalogue, priced at 270$, the new Les Parisiennes addition is called L'heure de Nuit and it is a Thierry Wasser re-interpretation of Guerlain classic L'Heure Bleue (composed by perfumer Jacques Guerlain) . The classic L'Heure Bleue celebrates its 100th year anniversary this year and the team at Guerlain chose to celebrate with both a limited edition bottle (as shown on this link) and an Eau de Parfum re-orchestration as shown above. The new edition will be available in January 2013 and like all Les Parisiennes editions to be sold in Guerlain boutiques and wherever there are "espaces Guerlain", i.e. Blogdorf Goodman in NYC, the Epcot in Florida, in Las Vegas at the Bellagio, in Harrods in London etc.

Regarding the composition of L'Heure de Nuit, as mentioned on these pages, Thierry Wasser offers a new version: The powdery base notes are irresistibly endearing, as the L'Heure Bleue lovers like them so much. Under his leadership, the scent is sweet, illuminated with new freshness and modernity. The white musk mingles with iris. Heliotrope is combined with orange blossom accents to make it more marshmallow-like, powdery but with a gourmand note like a veil. The old version will be still available alongside the centenary editions in all concentrations for the fans.


  1. Keeping an open mind as am a L'Heure Bleue fan! Love the very pretty bottle but the juice is the colour of Toilet Duck! Also scared by the reference to 'marshmallow', after my recent encounter with the new (and utterly awful) Dolce and Gabbana ...

  2. Anonymous19:29

    If I understand well, this Heure de Nuit available in January 2013 won't just be available at the Guerlain shop in Paris; I do hope it's mainstream ...

  3. Scentimentalist,

    ha! I didn't think of it in those terms (Toilet Duck indeed, now you told me I won't be able to look at it again with the same virgin eyes!! What have you done to me???)
    I sure hope that the marshmallow will be given the Guerlain treatment rather than the current mainstream one...

  4. Anon,

    it's a part of Les Parisiennes and sorry, if I didn't clarify which doors would carry it. My bad.
    It should be available in all cities with a Guerlain boutique and wherever there are espaces Guerlain i.e. BG in NYC, the Epcot in Florida, in Las Vegas at the Bellagio, in Harrods in London etc.

    I have added the info in the article.

  5. annemariec22:10

    Um ... I'm afraid I thought of blue cordial, the sort of thing I see in the soft drink aisle and think 'ewww ... no way ... '. Blue food: never good.

    However, the perfume sounds nice I guess. It may not appeal to the die hard fans (what would, other than the real thing?). Consumers looking for 'freshness and modernity', on the other hand, have many, many other choices, don't they, at a fraction of the price. Maybe L'Heure de Nuit will be bought by rich Frenchmen as gifts for their mistresses?

  6. Oh yes it does look like Toilet Duck !! LOL

  7. jojo13:03

    I'd like to try on my skin!


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