Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christopher Dicas Eau de Parfum & Christoper Dicas 69: new fragrances

It's always nice to hear about fledging entrepreneurs in the universe of perfume, but it becomes even better when there's a common thread. I was approached by Christopher Dicas, who is an actor/ performer with a new perfume line that promises to be modern and full of deep smelling ingredients that we don't often come across in mainstream fragrances. Two fragrances are just out, though I haven't experienced them yet: Christopher Dicas Eau de Parfum and Christopher Dicas 69. Apparently he's collaborating with the German fragrance development NWA Group for the manufacturing of his fragrances and you have to give it to him: he saw an emerging market, which is insightful for an actor and student of psychology, as per his bio, to say the least.

Christopher Dicas Eau de Parfum, his first effort in the arena of perfume launches, "combines excellent, valuable ingredients in an innovative new succession".
Top Notes:  A bouquet of exotic, sensual notes such as basil Thai, French lavender, wormwood, sage, bamboo, magnolia and Cretan iris open the escence with a complex, spicy, simultaneous cool and sweet feeling.
Middle Notes: The multifaceted and complex heart of the fragrance is based on rare and exotic wood essences and flowers. Grapefruit, ginger, cedarwood atlas and sandalwood come alive with a touch of cardamom, and then wrapped by the intoxicating notes of jasmine and cloves, accompanied with mastic. Mastic is a highly aromatic compound, cultivated on southern Chios island, known for its beneficial effects but also for its sweet, rich aroma.
Base notes:   Pure essential oils, extracted directly from raw materials of better quality, such as tobacco, oak moss and dapne leaves, mixed with a touch of soft leather, and cashmere. Then, two ingredients complete the base: patchouli vieux, a fine essential oil aged for over five years in oak barrels until it develops a rich, velvety personality and sensual musk, which is manufactured by experienced craftsmen in Egypt from natural ingredients and is considered the best musk in the world". 

Christopher Dicas, is inspired of the world of fairy tales,. He wants to offer a fragrance that neutralizes the venom of the gray daily routine and offer the elixir of elegance.

 The second perfume is called Christopher Dicas 69 :

"Christopher DiCas synthesizes and presents his second perfume, that is made ​​from organic materials, in collaboration with the group NWA Cosmetics. The name of this? 69 ..
This irresistible elixir of passion was inspired by the Arabian Nights.The tantalizing hints of citrus (fresh bergamot, tangerine velvet, crisp bergamot) combined with the sensual blending of white lily of valley , amber rose, vanilla, cinnamon and sunflower at the top of the fragrance wake fiery passions ... The seductive jasmine with exotic musk mix the unique personality and pride in black suede leather, resin elemi, sandalwood, clove, cardamom, bay leaves and tonka seeds in the heart of the fragrance. At the base of the scent the majestic patchouli adds a feeling of seduction. Exotic wood essential oils and spices as cedar, oak moss, cashmere wood, and ginger complete the mix.Then the essential oil of wild quince gives the final touch of giving the mixture to its final form. Τhis scent is classified as sweet as the taste of love when the two sexes combine in one!"

Discover more info on the official site.


  1. Miss Heliotrope01:09

    They seem very complex when written down - I would be interested in learning what they actually smell like. And - is this the week for perfume names that can be misinterpeted as rude?

  2. C,

    ha! Yes, I believe the sexual reference is fully intentional. But I don't deem that rude. :-P

  3. brie11:03

    I second miss heliotrope, the notes do intrigue me but I wonder what they smell like,,,dapne leaves????

  4. B,

    I think he means bay leaves (daphne=bay in Greek)

  5. I'd like to smell this Andy's news fragrance. It's very intriguing that this perfume is inspired by a character..


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