Friday, October 5, 2012

Brad Pitt Speaking Seductively to Chanel No.5

'To keep a legend fresh, you always have to change its point of view,' President of Chanel Fragrance & Beauty, Andrea d’Avack, tells WWD. 'It is the first time we’ve had a man speaking about a women’s fragrance. We think very much that the perfume is a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume. No.5 is our leading fragrance, and we are willing to make the investment to keep it on that level.' Brad Pitt was thus chosen to be that investment, as we announced a while ago.

 'For the first time, a man will give his view on the most feminine and legendary of fragrances,' the Chanel invite to view the premiere of the new "film project" on October 15th reads. The commercial is shot by Joe Wright (who also did the Coco Mademoiselle ones), featuring the famous actor (who was recompensed with £4.3 million for his services) speaking to the viewer as if he was speaking to a woman. Actually, though, he's talking to the perfume...

 I'm already scratching my head how this will unfold. Our French speaking readers will enjoy the following promo video about No.5's "history" (I'm using it in quotes as the real history is somewhat different than the carefully constructed myth...)



  1. Anonymous14:50

    very bad choice of ad for chanel ..
    BP is hated & is known for having terrible personal hygiene ..
    he stinks to put it bluntly !
    OMG chanel you made a BIG mistake ..
    pull the ad & fire whoever is responsible ...

  2. When I see this guy I just think he needs a shave and a good darn wash!

    May he NEVER go near my beloved Guerlain !!!! :)

  3. Anonymous11:49

    Now I have a reason never to use it again.

  4. Eleonore17:37

    Hi! I enjoyed the video and I laughed heartily when I read the comments by Anonymous and Lady Jicky: the choice of Brad Pitt (or a man for that matter) is surprising and I wouldn't say fully appropriate, though they (= Chanel)seem to think so many female celebrities praised N°5, it's high time a man should sing its praise too!...Next time an animal??? why not? I can lend them my gorgeous Tonkinese cat, I'm sure he'd be much more cute than Brad Pitt and he loves fragrances too:-)))

  5. Brad Pitt? I though he was cute years ago, like in Thelma and Louise but this? Ugh, he is totally passe now and so inelegant for Chanel. What are they thinking, truly? We will see how this goes.

  6. It is premature to judge, it could be interesting.

  7. Maybe you should do a post on the REAL history of Chanel#5

  8. Miss Heliotrope00:24

    I think the cat might be a better idea.

    The idea of using a man for a women's perfume is interesting & could be useful - but a more approriate man. I presume they've done their research & that Pitt satisfies their main American market, but, for me, he is just not anywhere within my image of any women's perfume - let alone a French one that strives to present as sophisticated. If they got the right man to say o I love women in this...yes, and maybe an even more interesting man to say - that way I can get it on my skin, too. But Pitt just gives off the image that scents are a bit beyond him. I keep remembering a photo in the paper of him (with Jolie) visiting the (then) president of Pakistan - he had his feet up on the coffee table between them! Not sophisticated, not special...

    But again, I presume they know their market - aiming at the American one. The way so many companies look down on their US consumers is another rant...

  9. Miss Heliotrope00:28

    O, and I seem to have been sent the Chanel tells its No 5 story on the web thing in English:!/no5/history

  10. Ha! funny!

    It seems we have a consensus here? I can't say the idwa is totally without merit, though the choice of face seems a bit odd...

    Perhaps I should write a bit about the real deal. It's fascinating after all.

    And thanks for the english bit, dear C!


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