Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Always looking to her Middle Eastern home for inspiration"

"With winter coming, her perfumes offer an exotic pick-me-up, she says. The definitive lack of scents in chilly Canada pushes Moriel to keep surrounding herself with rich aromas formed in her early memories. She says that the warm, humid climate in Israel contains more fragrances than colder countries, and besides coming to see her growing family in Israel every year she is drawn to the odors. “I am sensitive to the smells in Vancouver now and can pick up the cherry and linden blossoms. But it’s really the Middle Eastern heat that brings out the best in plants and flowers,” she says. “And in the spring … there are orange blossoms in full bloom. I try to time my trips back to Israel around this time.”

From an interview of Ayala Moriel conducted by Karin Kloosterman on Israeli21c.org. You can find the link here.


  1. brie10:05

    What a lovely read! I did not know that Ayala has an autistic daughter. I strongly feel that natural essential oils can be used for calming all of us, including the developmentally disabled and autistic population. So it comes as no surprise to me that she channeled her energy into the worthy endeavor of becoming a natural perfumer.
    And I am also partial to the scent of citrus and orange blossom. A simple combo of orange blossom absolute and vanilla essential oil can make me so happy with just one whiff :)

  2. B,

    she has been quite vocal (and fighting in good cases) about it over the years.
    It's nice to see someone who channels her energy into doing something that is so very giving to both herself and to others. :-)


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