Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries: new fragrance line

Do you recall Oscar by Oscar de la Renta? The classic from the 1970s has lost some of its fans over the years (no less due to a reformulation that attenuated its incredible sillage), but with last year's lovely Esprit d'Oscar and a new collection of six luxurious fragrances, the St.Dominican born designer hopes to gain new ones, according to reportage on WWD.
 The new "niche"collection, Essential Luxuries, comprises 6 fragrances available in uniform bottles with a cap vaguely reminiscent of the curvy style of his classic Oscar allied to personal memories and stories, "inspired by the life and loves of Oscar de la Renta".

Sargasso, reminiscent of De La Renta's home lapped by the waves of the Sargasso Sea, has fragrant notes of salty air, fresh citrus, seaweed and refreshing cucumber.
Santo Domingo, where the designer was born, has sweet and spicy notes of coffee and tobacco leaves tinged with spicy mandarin, coriander, and patchouli notes.
Oriental Lace, meant to reflect the colorful and luminous collections of the fashion designer, has notes of hoya carnosa flower, as well as honey, bitter almond, and dark cacao. 
Coralina, inspired by the semi-precious stone from his birthplace, is a mimosa, violet, and orris eau.
Mi Corazon, dedicated to his beloved daughter Eliza and sharing a precious memory with her, comprises notes of ylang-ylang petals mingled with touches of exotic peach.
Granada, inspired by a trip in Spain, has notes of jasmine, rose and orange blossom, reflecting the lushness of the gardens of the city.

All fragrances are available at 3.4oz/100ml at 150$ exclusively at Saks 5th Avenue, Oscar de la Renta boutiques and


  1. MariaA20:29

    Santo Domingo and Carolina sound like my kind of thing!!! Nice to see his come back is continuing and quite successfully as it seems!

  2. Ooo, this sounds very interesting !!
    I do hope they come here !

  3. M,

    they do sound enticing, I agree. I liked the ODLR spirit and am pleased to see him back!

  4. M,

    I sure hope so! The official site should be able to provide samples and info on international buying for sure!

  5. Considering the last few scents he has put out I think these could be very interesting.

  6. Jen,

    indeed. You are right. I did like Esprit d'Oscar as well; youngish but not condescending at all. A very respectable release! (and I like the designer's flair and spirit anyway!)

  7. brie00:34

    I wore the original Oscar de la Renta in the late 70s while in high school-went through numerous bottles then it seemed to disappear from the radar. Sorry to hear that it was reformulated. These new oscars sound fantastic,especially Granada, as I love anything with orange blossom!

  8. B,

    it's a pity as it was such a distinctive powerhouse and a great fragrance. It's still pretty good, considering.

    I can't possibly imagine Granada with anything else than orange blossom: it's a city so full of this magical tree!


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