Monday, September 3, 2012

Bottling a Glass-Blower's Sweat

"The glass-blower's sweat and work is something that tourists appreciate when they come here [Rejmyre Art LAB in eastern Sweden] and look. So for me there isn't such a huge difference in selling the glass-blower's sweat and the finished glass," says Daniel Peltz, a conceptual artist from New York who is working in Sweden, to


After an artist's feces bottled for your delectation in a "fragrant" dilution and the simulated scent of a woman's orgasmic ecstasy (by a top perfumer no less), the next project involves real sweat. Tamer, you'd say. Apparently not that original though! 
There's already a product sold (and another one) that mimics at least the look of sweat beads. Not to mention that we sometimes do drink a sorta diluted "fake-sweat" drink when engaging in sports. 

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