Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fragrance For the Day

If you're the type to co-ordinate your fragrance to the weather (and the mood it produces as a result) you might get a kick out of the new Fragrance Forecast feature of Lifestyle Mirror which matches scents to the weather forecast for New York City.

Curated by yours truly, this is today's prediction, while the week is full of participations by eminent colleagues such as Patty White of Perfume Posse, Mindy Yang of Min New York or Barney Bishop of Fragrant Moments.
Hope you have a lovely day wherever you are!

pic via pinterest


  1. brie17:04

    I love this...very fun to read and I like your selection for the day! I am more inclined to change notes by the season- spring is lavender,lilac, orange blossom. Fall warmer cozier notes of rose, amber,sandalwood and anise In the winter I like
    labdanum,frankincense,juniper,patchouli,vanilla. Summer is lighter notes of various citruses-lemon,blood orange,grapefruit, mandarin.

  2. Thanks for the mention. This was fun.

  3. Brie,

    glad you enjoyed! It's a fun concept, meant as spicing up the day.
    Seasonal changes are of course much more weather-influenced, especially when one lives in a place with four distinct seasons (like we apparently do).

  4. B,

    you're most welcome, it was a pleasure working alongside such fun company :-)


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