Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diptyque Le Sablier, 34 Boulevard Saint Germain solid perfume, Do Son Eau de Parfum: new scented products

In staging the sensory and the poetic, Diptyque and S├ębastien Servaire present a singular and unique object, coupled with a patented innovation that reinvents the ritual diffusion of perfume inside: le sablier, a device which diffuses home fragrance and resembles... an hourglass.

Priced at 110 euros for 75ml of fragrance, Diptyque's Sablier isn't cheap but it can fit a recharge of the same quantity for 34 euros thereafter. The scent offered is 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, a fresh, green and spicy scent named after the Diptyque address in Paris. The home fragrance comprises atypically green notes, humid moss, crumpled blackcurrant leaves, fig leaves dried in the sun. Spices, as can be felt on the markets of Damascus. English garden flowers,in all their freshness. And finally, woods and balms, rich and dreamy, exotic, milky and comforting. The result? A fragrance that belongs to no olfactory family.
[Let it be said in passing that there is also a Home Fragrance spray in the above mentioned scent for those who prefer the spraying action as well as a hanging on the door knob "perfumed palette".]

 The 34 Boulevard Saint Germain scent is also now offered in a solid perfume form in the by now familiar black canister that all Diptyque solids are offered for using on the skin.

 Additionally, Do Son, a tuberose floral of untypical ethereal character inspired by a resort in Vietnam, is given a new interpretation in Eau de Parfum concentration (and in the new oval shaped bottle design), boosting its longevity and radiance, unfolding tuberose's mystery on a bed of berries and flowers.

 [news via Diptyque with comments by me]

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