Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Lady's Guide to Wearing Peoneve by Penhaligon's (or Any Perfume Really!)

A fun, quintessentially British little film, brought to you via the kind people at Penhaligon's a propos their newest fragrance launch for women, Peoneve.



  1. Cheeky! I really enjoyed this, thanks :)

  2. Was that Prince Harry????? LOL

  3. did they register this as a monty pythons clopyright?

  4. This is amazing! How I love the British sense of humour!!

  5. Penhaligon seems to have been trying to modernize its brand through new perfumers (Duchafour) and little films (the equally funny one for Juniper sling). Perfume-wise, no masterpiece to my nose yet, but a step in the right direction.

    Peony, though, is one of those flowers that, strictly speaking, does not belong to fine perfumery (together with freesia and linden). But we shall smell.


  6. R,

    cheeky is what they're after, so job well done, I suppose. Thanks for commenting!

  7. M,

    that will go down in history. Though I suppose if a prince doesn't get all this crazy life going on, who will, Bruce the truck driver?? ;-) :-O

  8. K,

    clopyright is right! :-D

    MP is an inexhaustible source of inspiration it seems. I can't for the life of me order a snack at an outdoor concert/match etc. without thinking of their famous stink with the John Cleese snacks-seller ~I'm quoting: "bloody albatross flavour!"


  9. F,

    it's better than all the moaning and touching ones' self, isn't it? Something out of the ordinary! ;-)

  10. M,

    certainly that's the intention! You describe it well.
    They do rely on some "traditions" though, such as the Monty Python spirit referenced above by Kostas. (If you're a fan you pick it up instantly)

  11. BTW, funny, peony and freesia are *indeed* two of the flowers most frequently found in screechy, "non perfumista-attracting" compositions, even when released by niche brands.

    It's an interesting observation! :-)


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