Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Francisco Perfume Workshop with Ayala Moriel

All-naturals perfumer Ayala Moriel has been composing perfume for years and her workshops are especially welcome for perfume aficionados who really want to learn a bit more about the craft. In that spirit she's organising another one of those in San Francisco this Saturday July 7th. Please find all the details below and stay tuned for more news by Ayala Moriel on these pages soon! This July, Ayala Moriel's Traveling Perfume School returns to San Francisco with a weekend perfume making workshop to co-inside with the Artisan Fragrance Salon. If you'd like to dip your toes in the deep water of the art of perfumery, there is no better way to do it!

When: Saturday, July 7th,4-6:30pm
Where: Alex Sandor's Art Studio 1650 Bush Street (Between Franklin & Gough) San Francisco, CA

 Regular price is $300, but we're offering this class for $150 just to cover the raw material and supplies costs. This will include a beautiful splash/spray bottle that you will be taking home with you, with your own perfume name on it!

To RSVP - call Ayala at (778) 863-0806, or book online here. Space is limited to 10 people, and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 WORKSHOP DETAILS: Learn how to design and create your own personal perfume from precious botanical essences, in pure grain alcohol. By the end of the workshop, you will have made a perfume to take home with you. We will provide you with a spray bottle, and your own professional-looking label! The regular price for this workshop is $300, but we're offering it at an introductoroy price of $150 to just cover the raw material and bottles costs. There is space for 10 students only.

 ABOUT THE LOCATION: Alex Sandor's Art Studio is a unique hair salon that takes aesthetics and sustainability to the next level. The beautiful studio is furnished with toxin-free, salvaged and recycled materials and is a serene spot where you can enjoy a serene atmosphere and elite services.

 ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Ayala Moriel is the founder of pioneering natural perfume and bespoke company Ayala Moriel Parfums (est. 2001). She designed countless custom perfumes for discerning customers, celebrities and perfumistas from around the world; as well as for other brands such as - Bodhana's line of 5 natural solid perfumes; and eco-friendly house cleaning products Sapadilla; and collaborated with esteemed tea masters, candle-makers and chocolatieres to create cutting edge lines of scented teas, candles and fragrant chocolate bars. Ms. Moriel has been teaching for 5 years a long term professional natural perfumery training course, as well as many perfume making classes and workshops for amateurs and fragrance lovers of all ages. She was invited to teach and speak in other schools and organizations, including St. George and the BC Association of Practicing Aromatherapists. Her students have launched their own independent perfume and natural products brands, i.e.: Lucy Miller (Lucy Miller Pure), Stacey Moore (Lux Vivens), Monique Trottier (Botany of Delight), Anita Kalnay (Flying Colors), and more.

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