Monday, July 9, 2012

M.Micallef Art Collection Vanille: Vanille Marine, Vanille Orient, Vanille Cuir, Vanille Fleur (new fragrances)

Vanilla lovers rejoice! The attentive to detail niche brand M.Micallef, which has previously spoiled us with its Notes Gourmandes line, is issuing a new line of fragrances based on the perennial favorite: vanilla, coming from the Bourbon variety growing as a tropical orchid in Madagascar.
The Art Collection Vanille is artistically themed, unisex in its appeal and with handcrafted labels by Martine Micallef herself. Four interpretations of vanilla, in as predictable (oriental) or unpredictable (marine) or more intriguing versions (leathery or floral) to cater to every whim and every mood! 

VANILLE MARINE (marine vanilla)- the Water-themed scent of the collection opens with fresh and vitalizing notes of lemon and black currant on a heart of white flowers and vanilla. Benzoin, musk and wood provide a solid base for this fragrance that evokes vanilla covered with sea spray.

 VANILLE ORIENT (oriental vanilla)- classic Oriental notes of amber, musk and sandalwood are combined with vanilla and vanilla flower for a subtle and mysterious scent.

 VANILLE CUIR (leathery vanilla) - aromatic mint and lavender, with a touch of begamot, open this Leather-themed fragrance, whose spicy floral heart of cinnamon, cumin and orange blossom yields to a deep base featuring tonka bean, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood.

 VANILLE FLEUR (floral vanilla)- the collection's Floral fragrance opens with juicy peach atop a harmonious blend of feminine rose and sensual vanilla.

The fragrances are available in 50ml/1.7oz bottles. International launch is set for July 2012 (First in Fragrance already has samples available) with several U.S. retailers starting stocking the new fragrances on July 16th.


  1. brie17:33

    yummy!!!!! and the bottles are so cute!

  2. Brie,

    a couple are calling my name (always in search of the perfect vanilla that is...un-vanilla): the marine and leathery sound like just the thing, reconciling opposing notes.

    Micallef is generally a quality brand, so high hopes. :-)

  3. Miss Heliotrope01:31

    The leathery one could be interesting - I am always wary of the sweet side of vanilla...

    On a completely different subject (ambergris): there is an ad in a recent TLS (they take a while to get here) for a history of said perfume ingredient: Floating Gold, by Christopher Kemp - has this been picked up by your radar?

  4. C,

    yes, leather and vanilla make a good pair.

    Indeed Floating Gold is a very interesting book! I inserted a few quotes on my Ambergris article (under Perfume Notes in the right column), since it was so fitting. It also dispels the myth that ambergris is "whale vomit" (don't know how this caught on, I blame it on Emperor of Scent). Nope, comes out the other end, establishing all animal ingredients as fecal/perineal region forthcoming. *evil wink*

  5. Anonymous07:30

    Miss Heliotrope, funny you should mention that book- I just finished last week. I was on a hunt for Eau de Merveilles in the Constellation bottle and it was that perfume that sent me on an ambergris bender! Although I had some basic knowledge the book was very informative and entertaining.
    The author did drop some names of a few big wigs in the fragrance industry, but I found the natural and historic aspect more interesting. Would recommend the book if you are looking for more info on a rare and mysterious substance

  6. Anonymous13:19

    I need an extra nose to smell everything on my list. Thanks for adding more good stuff,

  7. Anon,

    thanks for adding commentary on the book: it's indeed very interesting and the historic aspects are very dear to me. Plus it's from an authority on the subject., rather than regurgitated info from the Net.

  8. portia,

    you're most welcome!

    Take it slow, don't worry, there's so much stuff you can't smell everything, but making a list of things to check out is handy. This is what I'm trying to do when reporting stuff. I don't just list everything coming out, just the interesting (for one reason or another) stuff.

  9. Christopher Kemp17:01

    Thanks for all the kind comments on my book!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if your readers have any questions. Maybe I could do a Q and A for them sometime and answer any remaining questions personally,


    Christopher Kemp

  10. Dear mr.Kemp,

    of course it would be a delight to have a Q and A here for our readers.

    Please email me at Perfumeshrine @ with some correspondence email so we can go through with this!


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