Thursday, July 5, 2012

Carnal Flower Hair Mist: new from Frederic Malle

Haven't you ever dreamt of sharing the scent of Carnal Flower by simply waving your hair?
The newest incarnation of the famous Carnal Flower fragrance is called Carnal Flower Brume pour Cheveux (i.e. hair mist) and fulfills exactly that dream. 

Lighter than the perfume of Carnal Flower itself, the new Carnal Flower hair mist allows you to use the torrid scent in a lighter fashion. It is perfect for the summer!
Unfortunately, due to strict European norms, it will only be available in America. Not exactly economical it retails for 160$ for 100ml (a bargain though compared to the 340$ asked for the 100ml of Eau de Parfum spray). Available on the official site


  1. Mimi Gardenia00:17

    Elena - what bliss and what a pain too that it is not going to be released in Europe. Can you tell us what are the strict European norms ?
    I thought the laws for any fragrance not meant for skin would be more lax , if anything.

    The Chanel No .5 hair mist is divine , deeevine.

  2. I have yet to try Carnal Flower or any of Frederic Malle's perfumes. And that reminds me to dig out my sample of En Passant. I've poked around his site and after two years of buying nothing but decants, full bottle prices are scarey to me now.

  3. I'd love that hair mist but the price made sure I'll never have it. :) I just cannot justify such a price for a hair mist (in my case).

  4. Mimi,

    this is the official justification from Malle themselves, believe it or not. Though skin sensitization is the main concern, there are also respiratory regulations at play and those affect anything in a propeller/natural spray bottle.

    I agree with the Chanel hair mist rec, it's out of this world. I also like the Angel hair mist (so much tamer than the nuclear power eau de parfum strength) and the Narciso one. Hair mists are a great way to subtly wear fragrance!

  5. Eld,

    they do have $$ prices, but in some cases it's totally worth it (the body butters are indeed delicious and Carnal Flower and Une Fleur de Cassie as well as Lys Mediterranee are well worth their price asked IMHO). I would advise getting the travel trios and splitting with someone who wants just a little bit as well: they are 3 x 10ml, which makes it an excellent compromise.

  6. Ines,

    and right you are! *wink*

    Personally if I bought this, I'd use it as a body spray rather than just a hair mist. A lighter form of fine fragrance for oneself, all appendixes included :-D

  7. I already have this. It's called "my bottle of Carnal Flower."

  8. SS,

    ah, is it as delicious as the real deal (EDP)?? *inquiring minds want to know*

  9. Mimi Gardenia15:46

    Thanks for explaining Elena- I didn't think of respiratory reactions !

    I have every conviction the Carnal Flower hair mist will be fabulous !
    I wonder when the hair mist will begin to show up in the US.

    I was hooked on the No. 5 hair mist for a while- it really smells like the EDT used to smell in the 1990s. I have even been known to spray my wrists with it ,Elena .

  10. M,

    you're most welcome, honey!

    I believe the link I have included is of the official site and they have it available for sale online (US I mean).

    Yeah, I spray hair mists on wrists as well (and some clothes too). No harm so far! ;-)


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