Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid: new perfume (or When Gaga Goes to One's Head)

Lady Gaga, no stranger to provocation and shock-value has released her first celebrity scent. As you remember we had commented on the initial rumours surrounding Lady Gaga's celebrity scent. But now she has slipped some facts about it on Twitter and an over-enthusiastic fashion editor has also leaked photos of the bottle on the Net. So here it is, Fame Black Fluid by Lady Gaga!

Created in collaboration with Haus Laboratories in Paris, the ad copy of the perfume, mentioning "weird" and "rare" ingredients, is a meta-commentary on the contemporary flowery prose that pertains to new fragrance releases.
We've got Tears of Belladonna, the crushed heart of Tiger Orchidea, with a black veil of incense, pulverised apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops...the works!

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Another interesting aspect is how the perfume is technologically manipulated to be black in the bottle, yet turn to  invisible once it's airborne. The structure also defies any classical fragrance pyramid structuring, letting the ingredients reveal several different facets prismatically at the same time. The concentration is eau de parfum.
The bottle doesn't look too bad, that metal claw thing on top a menacing touch, though it could be a little awkward while using to spray.

All in all, sounds just like the thing from Lady Gaga! And, might I inject, much better than "smelling like an expensive hooker"...


  1. Mmmm Helg - will I go ga ga about Ga Ga I wonder???? LOL

  2. M,

    hahaha!!! The fans will probably will, at any rate. There needs to be an element of ga ga for phenomena like this to flourish.

    She's admirable in her own right, I guess.

  3. MariaA12:10

    This will be a sold out I am sure, in Japan at least the fans will make larger queues than the new playstation release!! Not that they will actually wear it as from the notes I guess it will be quite strong. And what better way to market it than the "tears of Belladona" "black veil of incence", etc?!?!?

  4. M,

    I'm sure you're right. I guess Gaga needed the imaginative copy because how could it be pedestrian with her larger-than-life personality?
    This will be interesting to smell, if only to disprove the eats of Belladona etc. Plus dark juice is fun. In a perverse way...


  5. The bottle itself is interesting and kind of cool looking. By looking at the color of the juice itself, I keep wondering if she bought up a huge quantity of Sarrasins and dumped it into the bottle. I don't have a liking towards any celebrity scent and this is no exception because they all seem to be clones of one another.

  6. Anonymous02:45

    I find it somewhat deceptive that it claims it's the first of its kind about being black and going clear when in contact with air. I mean, Wode by Boudicca has been around a few years now.

  7. Anonymous04:36

    LOL "Haus Laboratories"! At first I thought this might be a troll, no reason for me to think that, the design and description are plausible enough if a little underwhelming, but one bottle and box with some kind of florid text and a cryptic QR code does not = a real perfume release. But I guess it’s real if this bottle is going out to the press now. BTW Sarrasins is what I thought too when I first read about this – dark juice, jasmine, apricot. A Hot Topic version of Sarassins, an apologetic version too that won't leave any stains.

    Overall headline should read: As Expected, Lady Gaga Release is a Fruity Floral.


  8. Eld,

    imagine the possibilities if true: Sarrasins (fab!) at a more approachable and less $$ level!! :-P

  9. Anon,

    yes, but partly correct if I remember right: that one was blue. :-P Not that that is a terribly significant factor in the claim; you got that right.

  10. L,

    I tend to agree with you, though I think that Gaga being Gaga she must have gone for something a bit more "shocking" (I realize this is a relative term and it might have to do with only a visual shock rather than an olfactory one) . Now, Sarassins....*sigh* If nice that would be!

    I don't hold high expectations from celebrity fumes mainly because they cater to the masses (therefore should comply to lowest denominator by sheer concept) but on the other hand, I can't judge without first trying; that would be presumptuous of me, wouldn't it.

  11. Having very recently watched the movie Prometheus, this black fluid business makes me mildly alarmed.

  12. Miss Heliotrope07:59

    What did they do to the belladonna to make it cry?

  13. P,

    black fluid gives me the impression I'm not supposed to put it on. I don't know if it will work with most people. Then again Gaga's fans are not most people, I presume.

  14. C,

    haha! :-D

    I suppose "tears" might technically refer to the little lumps, like those of resin (as in other more mainstream or more accurate perfume releases), but as far as I know the belladonna is infused rather than semi-fossilised. Weird!


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