Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now Bottled: Schoolgirl "Urine" and "Armpit Smell"

There's no accounting for taste. Previously, Tamatoys sold bottled "schoolgirl smell" Then again it also sold striped underpants for cross-dressing men, so there's no accounting for what sells either.

But the latest products, "schoolgirl urine" and "schoolgirl armpit smell" claim realism; composed by a "scent specialist" they offer a gimmicky product for those "who can stomach the scent—or the idea of the scent, or the idea of buying the scent, or the mere concept of these goods". [quote]
According to Akiba Blog, which smelled both scents, the pee fragrance was "fruity" (an early case of diabetes perhaps?), while the sweat one was "stinkier". Both are priced at ¥1,480 (US$19) at Akihabara's Lammtarra and they're really aimed as adult gag gifts, rather than actual fragrance. The Japanese are known for some fetish love but they draw the line someplace. The audience in Japan is as puzzled as we are by the news.

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  1. Puzzled Brit here too! Eugh..... : - ). There's no accounting for tastelessness is all I can think to say!

  2. It all seems a bit tastelessly kinky to me, gimmic or not. Creepy!

  3. V,

    there's a huge kink & gimmick market (see those raspberry-scent jeans I had written about) and scent is only now entering it. I expect we will see much more of it in the future. ;-)

  4. M,

    it does come across rather more on the ewww side than the growl side, doesn't it. I give them a year's life on the shelf.

  5. I could just laugh if the word "schoolgirl" were not used. Now, I just don't know what to say...

  6. MariaA19:59

    Hm well I can't say I am more surprised than octopus and mud ice cream (very popular) !!It seems being weird for the western mentality is mainstream there!! Περί ορέξεως πολλά έχουν ειπωθεί!!!

  7. C,

    chalk it up to fetish and let it pass. The Japanese gave us the pacifier-for-grown-women deco trend, so obviously there's an underground movement that is intent on very young indeed.
    I think it's not a serious release but an outright gimmick.

  8. M,

    octopus ice-cream actually sounds better than bacon & eggs ice-cream (which is actually done in the UK)! :-D Mud, I don't know. Not very appetising.
    Νομίζω πρόκειται για φετιχιστική αγορά περιορισμένης εμβέλειας για πάρτυ εργένηδων με περίεργα γούστα...Πάντως αξιοπερίεργο αρκετά για να γράψω γι'αυτό. :-)

  9. Could these be useful in layering? Adding a note of skank to otherwise tame fragrances?

  10. J,

    ha!! We wish!!

    (they can add a note of fetish to otherwise vanilla sex lives I guess...)



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