Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fifi Awards Winners 2012

The Fragrance Foundation (FiFi) has just announced their "Oscars" for perfumery.
Here they are:

Women's: Tom Ford Violet Blonde
Men's Gucci Guilty pour Homme

Perfume Extraordinaire:
Bond No.9 New York Oud

Nouveau Niche:
both men's & women's category: Jasmine Rouge by Tom Ford

Broad Appeal:
Women's: Heidi Klum Shine
Men's: E.Arden Curve Appeal for Men

Consumer Direct:
Y.Rocher Comme une Evidence Green

Speciality Brand:
Anthropologie 1922 Lily Sanguine

Consumer's Choice:
Women's Voctoria's Secret Angel
Men's B&BW Signature Collection for Men Classic

Home Scent:
Diptyque 34 Blv.Saint Germain

Bath & Body Line:
Armani Aqua di Gioia

Best Packaging:
Women's Prada Candy
Men's: John Varvatos

Media Campaigns:
Women's Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Men's Gucci Guilty pour Homme

Celebrity Scent of the year:
Justin Bieber Someday

Catch what all the categories stand for and the latest news on the official FiFi blog.
Personally I'm underwhelmed (so many misses, such unexpected choices within the same brand). And you?


  1. Miss Heliotrope08:11

    I'm not sure I know enough to comment really, although I like Anthropologie's other perfume, which is rosy & in a gorgeous bottle (that they wont ship to Oz).

    So many of those awards seem to have little to do with scent. Is it a very American list?

  2. Anonymous15:43

    Prada Candy does deserve best packaging.

  3. I loved Coco Mademoiselle when it first came out but now it just annoys me to no end. A lot of these perfumes on the list do not look or sound interesting at all.

  4. Mimi Gardenia16:45

    Oh God, Justin Beiber .....

  5. MariaA21:12

    Well from the looks of it it seems a very American voting. Doesn't explain the absence of so many lovely choices. Congrats to the winners!!

  6. I tried the Diptyque at the weekend - is there also a home scent version or did I mistakenly think I was smelling a regular EDP? Come to think of it, I may even have seen a soap! But yes, overall, plus ca change.......

  7. Disappointing, boring selections catering to the mass pop culture.
    Some choices are downright strange.
    Does seem to be an 'American' list.

  8. MH,

    I really have no idea. Some are down incomprehensible to me. :?

  9. Eld,

    oh but the Coco Mlle only got an advertising award; nothing to do with the scent actually! (which is a bestseller anyway and doesn't need any "boost" I guess, though as you say I'm troubled to see what's so great)

  10. MG,

    apparently we're not his target audience! :-P

  11. M,

    I never understood the criteria in the frag selection; the rest of the awards (packaging, ads etc) make sense, but -to draw just one example- how is Jasmin Rouge (a mediocre jasmine) better than TF's own Santal Blush also launched this year? This kind of discrepancy (?) confuses me.

  12. V,

    I believe Diptyque went overboard with this and issued a whole body and home line as well as the EDP. They tend to do that. It must have chaffed though to win for the home scent instead of the EDP, seeing as the latter is the more ambitious project of the two.
    Oh well...as you say.

  13. Teresa,

    indeed it's a rather boring list to my eye. And it does have an American focus as the FiFis are given in the US and have a strong US emphasis.

    However I do believe Americans are more sophisticated than Curve and Victoria's Secret, really (deep down?). I'm not sure I'm allowed to say it out loud, seems so scandalous somehow, but this people has always been taken for granted, it seems, by their own advertising and marketing execs.

  14. Cheryl15:37


  15. Cheryl,

    no accounting for taste, maybe?
    Confusing choices. I understand Violet Blonde, but Jasmin Rouge? Eh!
    And Heidi Klum over Rihana's scent? Haven't heard overly positive things on Shine.

    I don't know...

  16. Anonymous05:38

    Helg, re: Coco Mademoiselle--when it first came out the fragrance made a clean sweep in all the FiFi awards around the world. (The first fragrance in the history of FiFi awards in fact.) After a decade it is only eligible for advertising awards & down the road maybe a hall of fame award.

  17. A,

    you're absolutely correct!
    After all Coco Mlle WAS conceived by the American side of Chanel and that explains the appeal; though it branched out nicely internationally.

    Hall of fame award sounds right; I expect to see it there sometime besides White Diamonds by Taylor and Aqua di Gio. *evil grin*


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