Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smell like a Yankee: Now to a Fragrance Counter Near You

According to the Daily News, the Yankees will be selling his-and-her fragrances in April: "The men’s fragrance captures 'a sporty and confident attitude, creating a timeless masculine' scent, redolent with 'fresh wood tones, an invigorating blend of sparkling bergamont, coriander and cool blue sage,' the manufacturer says. The ladies’ scent is described as an 'alluring and fruity' melange that blends 'guava, succulent plum and sun-kiss apricot nectar.'"

Hmmm....I classify under celebrity scent news.

A Yankees vice president explained that this "will strengthen brand awareness for its fragrances and be an exciting new addition to Yankees prestige and lifestyle products."

On second thought, strike my comment above out; I hereby classify this as cashing out news.

On third though, that's small potatoes. No, strike that one out too; there's a McCaine's potato scent for UK bus stops, reported on three Canadian online news sites (this is just one of them)
We live in a weird world.

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