Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amouage Library Collection Opus VI: new fragrance

Another Amouage opus to follow Opus I, Opus II, Opus III, Opus IV and Opus V. Yes, you guessed it, the 6th is called Opus VI. 
The composition is an ambery woody oriental, but with a totally modern twist on the amber base that only retains the cistus labdanum from the traditional, times & again honoured amber accord to expand it on aroma synthetics with an ambery profile, such as Ambranum and Z11.

The notes for Amouage Library Collection Opus VI include:
top: Sichuan pepper, incense, pimenta racemosa (bay rum/bois d'Inde)
heart: Periploca graeca, patchouli, cypriol (nagarmotha or Cyperus scariosus)
base: Ambre accord made of ambranum, Z11 & cistus labdanum, as well as sandalwood.

The new Amouage is set to launch in March 2012.

pic via nisha.pl

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