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Perfume Quotes: Habit Rouge [Genre (tres) masculin]

Promotion for fragrances don't have to involve much to be suggestive and to stir the imagination. Forget bimbos rolling on the bed, blinged out couples coupling amourously and lots of skin display; forget long tirades extolling the virtues of precious ingredients and mellifluous emotion. A mere suggestion and a quote from a legendary celebrity saying they found a fragrance to have an influence in their lives is enough.

Behold a photo shot by Peter Lindberg for Guerlain's classic masculine fragrance Habit Rouge, genre: (tres) masculin. [translation: Gender: (very) masculine].

Habit Rouge refers to the red riding jacket donned by gentlemen in equestrian days. Of course!

And then you have Keith Richards, of Rolling Stones infamous celebrity, reminscing in his memoirs about choosing Guerlain's Habit Rouge as his signature scent [Mick Jagger prefers Chanel Cuir de Russie]:

"One minute no chick in the world. No f*cking way, and they're going la la la la la. And the next they're sniffing around. And you're going wow, when I changed from Old Spice to Habit Rouge, things definitely got better."
 ~Keith Richards, 'Life'

quote thanks to yum_yum/mua


  1. Heh, Keith enjoyed a lot then :D

    Isn't Habit Rouge refering to the red jacket worn by the horsemasters on competitions, riding, etc.? Rather than fox-haunting...
    And it is made because of Jacques love to the horses...
    On some old commerecial for HR we can see a horsemaster in a red jacket how he is rading horse in gallop.


  2. Anonymous14:13

    nice idea, thanks for sharing...

  3. J,

    actually there's an official 1979 Guerlain ad saying it's a "hunting jacket" in so many words.

    See it here:
    Habit Rouge means hunting coat

  4. I was a Barnes and Noble book store today, and would you believe, there is a perfume laboratory science experiment kit that you can buy now! It was $60 US. I wouldn't have even wondered over near it except looking for a chair to sit in. I am so exhausted, I am surprised I am here posting it, but I am glad I remembered to tell you.

  5. Yes, I see riding crop being held up his spine with the tip just below the collar. And really, they aren't cruel, it is just a direction giver like your ballet teacher touching you with her 'wand.' It is a coaching tool, not a beating tool.

  6. I really shouldn't read perfume blogs late at night, nor blog about perfume but I really should try out more Guerlain scents even this one. Because it is a perfume house that I don't really gravitate to. On the other hand...

  7. K.G.08:21

    I'm a gal but I wore only Habit Rouge only for a few years during the 90s. I loved it. For a fickle, perfume-addict, that was one of the longest runs next to my Eau Sauvage stint(late 80s) and my current Chanel 19/Iris Silver Mist/Calandre hang up.

  8. N,

    those kits are so cool, glad there's one in the market right now! Thanks for telling us.

  9. N,

    right, and I think J above is on to something, as I wouldn't associate Guerlain with cruelty (except cruel reformulations, but that's another matter).
    Still notice the shoulder blades under the cloth (as if the cloth isn't cloth but it's poured on) and the smoothness of line etc. It's masterfully done.

  10. Eld,

    ha, tell me about it reading on all kind of stuff when one shouldn't.
    I think HB is among Guerlain's utmost best. Do try it, who knows?

  11. KG,

    excellent taste!! Those are all delicious fragrances, exceptional ones.
    I think Habit Rouge and Eau Sauvage are among the most "stolen" masculine scents ever; they're gorgeous on women too!

  12. Hey Elena,

    In every interview I saw with Jacques he is mentioning all the time horsemasters, red jackets for riders, well, your commercial is also pointing at two riders in red jacket except it can be also for fox haunting...hmm. Habit Rouge is made in honour to the horses and Jacques passion about them because he owns a few of them. Also, in honour of a red riding jacket. The commercial for the Habit Rouge L'Eau also suggests that. Your commercial has intrigued me for real! Very interesting topic! I will write about that in some of my next posts! Here are some examples! ;)

    What do you say? Maybe it is really a traditional jacket for haunting and it was worn also by riders...


  13. J,

    it is as you say: Jean Paul has a keen love of horses.
    But it's also as you say later on: the classic fox hunting gear became the standard for riding gear and equestrian attire.
    A Google search for images of "traditional fox hunting clothing" is revealing.

    I think the hunting association is more suggestive (as in the ad I directed you to) and ties with the Richards quote, like a man hunting for prey. Woman prey, for romantic purposes. As in "get some" via the red riding jacket fragrance! Am I clearer now? ;-)

    Glad you found this stimulating enough, looking forward to what you will come up with.

  14. From Wikipedia on Fox Hunting:

    "This attire consists of the traditional scarlet coats (called pinks or pinques) worn by huntsmen, masters, former masters, whippers-in (regardless of sex), other hunt staff members and male members who have been invited to wear colours as a mark of honour. Since the ban in England, only Masters and Hunt Servants tend to wear red coats or the hunt livery whilst out hunting. Gentleman subscribers tend to wear black coats, with or without hunt buttons. Ladies generally wear coloured collars on their black or navy coats. These help them stand out from the rest of the field. Various theories about the derivation of this term have been given, ranging from the colour of a weathered scarlet coat to the name of a purportedly famous tailor."

    There is a whole code for everything in fox hunting and color schemes (as well as buttons and boots) have a pointed significance.

  15. Yes yes, I read it also! I have researched it this afternoon ;)
    Thanks :))

  16. Most welcome, J!

    It IS an interesting topic and I kinda believe myself (see if you agree with me!) that red is used as a token of masculine prowess in sports & the military (see the English uniform of 18th and 19th century, which is highly unpractical for camouflage battling otherwise).

  17. Anonymous00:43

    i love keith richards, and i love that he wore (maybe still does) habit rouge. i wear it, too, and would love to smell it on him! haha. crazy, i know. of course, i also love cuir de russie, so i'd have to share my nose time between the two stones.


  18. J,

    the Stones certainly have excellent tastes! Taking in note that Keith's daughters actually like the Shalimar Light they advertised alongside their mother, we're talking about a very good smelling family.

    Come to think of it, though, Old Spice isn't bad. Daddy material probably, but not half bad.

  19. The model reminds me of Freddy Mercury. And as to the fit of the jacket, having been poured on, like chocolate, well, I always have a saying about things I find might be uncomfortable: I wouldn't put that on my horse or dog, but you are welcome to it. All leather must be smooth and fit like a pigskin glove. Snug and with good grip.

  20. I think the red jackets originated in the hunting, today they´re more commonly known in jumping or eventing competitions (though since the restrictions were loosened you see a lot of different colours for the different sponsors in jumping competitions).
    That said: LOVE the ad! Great pic.


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