Friday, January 27, 2012

L'Artisan Parfumeur Love Messages: Have a Tree Planted, Win Perfume Bottles

L'Artisan Parfumeur fragrances are designed to arouse emotions and the company would like you to express yours as part of the new LOVE MESSAGES ‘happening’.Visit L'Artisan in their boutiques and corners from January 30th, pick up paper hearts and compose your heart-felt or amusing love messages, then place them in the giant bottles. The more the merrier; as for every 20 love messages received, a tree will be planted in Mali. And by the way, you will also have the chance to win fragrances! (for yourself or loved ones.)

Again this year (2011 saw 500 trees planted!), L'Artisan Parfumeur is working in partnership with TREE AID, an NGO that supports development and reforestation in Mali. The company chose this West African nation in honour of the iconic fragrance Timbuktu: this warm, sensual and bewitching elixir was inspired by Bertrand Duchaufour’s journey to this fascinating country.

Love messages event runs from: January 30th to March 30th.
Leave your love messages in the boutiques and on the L'Artisan Parfumeur Facebook page.
PS: Fragrances to be won for the most original messages...


  1. If only I had had a computer last year and read your post on Tranversee du Bosphoree! Since I have lost my sense of smell four years ago I suffer not being able to smell my perfumes. Every once in a while I smell something, especially if it is ordure, or burnt tire and I think NOW NOW and I run to see if I can get a whiff of Bellogia or Salvidor Dali. Anything. Alas never. So I can no longer afford to buy EDT and there is never much in my city, not like Washington, D.C. But from reading your post and Katy Puckrik, I realize what it is I love. And since I love all the music and song from the Black Sea and Caspian, I know I would love this perfumers creations. I once found a post featuring a Queen of Bosnia and the perfume she was associated with. I was surprised to find she was English and it was an arranged marriage. I loved reading about her.
    There is no where I can go to leave a heart to plant a tree in Mali. And to think I represented Mali in the Model UN when I was 18, and sat at table and dined with Dan Rather who was just back from Viet Nam. The year was 1966. The year I started wearing Bellogia. I love your reviews. Look at the music of my god son on youtube. His name is Igor Rasteryaev. See him at sunfish737 channel. He is Ukranian. He is a poet.

  2. Anonymous02:56

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  3. N,

    how fascinating! Your stream of consciousness has me captivated, I have to admit.

    Off to go watch Youtube!! Thanks for directing me.


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