Monday, November 28, 2011

Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful: Charity for Perfume & Cosmetics

In this crazy world we live in, the chance to offer something with no strings attached is priceless. Maybe this cathartic feeling is rekindled during the holidays just because kindness is palpable in the air. (Don't worry, I have a huge rant for you to read tomorrow or the day next, though!). So when I was offered the opportunity to do just that, i.e. offer something off my stash for a good cause by Karla Sugar, I leaped at the chance. The great thing is, everyone can contribute meaningfully. Here's an opportunity to shop for a great cause: the annual charity auction. For the second year in a row, beauty bloggers and brands have joined forces for an online auction benefitting Doctors Without Borders, an organization that needs no introduction and which helps people in need all over the world.

Participants, which include established beauty bloggers and beauty & perfume companies, have donated a treasure trove of the best lotions, potions, perfumes, and gadgets. Donated items range from the hottest (new) items from this year’s holiday collections to hard-to-find exclusives and limited edition cult favorites. When the auction ends, winning bidders make their donations directly to Doctors Without Borders, through the site’s secure giving page. The items are posted directly by the sponsors at their own expense, be it beauty bloggers or companies, so every penny goes to charity. What can I say, I'm honoured to be part of this effort.

The auction is live now Monday, November 28th through Monday, December 12th. You can bookmark the items you're interested in, so as to filter the list and be right on target when the final time comes to bid, bid, bid!

My own submission involves a pristine, sealed in its cellophane bottle of vintage Dior Dune, fit to give as gift (only you'll want to keep it yourself!). As you know, all Dior perfumes have been reformulated (again) recently and the older the better. I have an identical bottle for my own use and the fragrance is as wonderful as ever. I described it thus: "Dune lies at that precarious border where fresh and warm merge. Never too sweet in its amber cuddle, never too sharp in its bracken feel of broom blooming — it's as soft as a whisper over the sand dunes, felt more than heard. A true classic in its original form."  If you want to remind yourself what Dune smells like in detail, please refer to my linked review.

NB. Registering on the BeautyBloggers site is required to place a bid in order to avoid spam-bots, but, other than that, it's completely free, no strings attached and your personal data (email, first and last name for shipping purposes) I'm assured by Karla Sugar herself are not to be shared in any way or form.

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