Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House of Sillage & their Tiara fragrance: new niche outfit

House of Sillage, a luxury parfumerie, launched its premier fragrance, Tiara, a complex blend of citrus (Calabrian green tangerine), florals (Bulgarian rose oil) and Madagascar vanilla with musk in a bottle shaped like a...tiara. The promise is of "an evocative scent that is further transformed by each woman wearing it" and is developed by Francis Camail.
The company is based in California, started by Nicole Mather, but the bottle and juice are developed in France. The commercial teaser on the site looks 100% American, I have to say.

But...brace yourselves... Tiara is a limited edition that goes for 1,200$ for 75ml of extrait de parfum in a bejewled presentation. The company leaves the window open for more fragrances to be launched soon, though.

More info: www.houseofsillage.com.


  1. Why is it that from the name and package, I expect another variation of plasticky flowers?

    At least the flacon isn't pink.

  2. L,

    yes, no pink flacon, but I can't say I like the one they chose either; too much over the top? Don't know.
    I have absolutely no idea how this smells. It could be quite nice for all I know.

  3. I don't really mind over-the-topness as such, after all, one can do stunning things with glass and rhinestones and I'm a huge fan of the now defunct Jablonex which used to make beautiful fashion jewelry... that black glass necklace I got many years ago still turns heads and makes my worn jeans and sweater with a hole into a classy outfit.

    I noticed that rhinestone tiaras of the cheaper persuasion are sold and worn as an accessory quite a bit. They're tacky and the flacon reminds me of these, not of the thing Princess Victoria wore for her wedding - which, I assume, was the aim.

    But, well, that's why I have those plain rectangular glass decanters.

  4. Anonymous19:48

    Too much ON the top... That's one seriously ugly bottle!

  5. L,

    rhinestones in tiaras for grown women make my spine twinkle, they're like children's playthings.

    On the whole I much prefer some architectural design, like the Lutens bottles. There, my Spartan heritage talking. :D

  6. A,

    unfortunately -and without the benefit of seeing this up close- I have to agree with you.


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