Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison: the new commercial with Melanie Laurent

Mélanie Laurent is the new face for Dior's Hypnotic Poison perfume, after Monica Bellucci (who is currently advertising Swedish brand Oriflame skincare).
Directed by John Cameron Mitchel, the new Dior Hypnotic Poison commercial is set in the Louvre (witness the characters seen almost under the wings of the "Nike of Samothrace" , thus named after the island of Samothrace) with the two lovers following each other in at the Daru staircase and the room of Classic Greek Antiquities (You can see Artemis on the hunt for a split second). Hypnotic Poison is a classic, we get it. The commercial...hmmm, not so much. Not bad, but it takes a bit more to compete with Parian marble.

According to the Dior site, Hypnotic Poison mingles "Four contrasting facets – intoxicating bitter almond and carvi, opulent Sambac jasmine, mysterious Jacarandra and sensuous vanilla and musk– make for a compelling, bewitching fragrance fusion. Intoxicating and extravagant".


  1. Jacaranda... another plant that haunts my imagination. It's a tree with heaps of bright violet-blue blossoms in spring before it grows leaves, the wood is used to make xylophones, the seed pods are pretty silly and I yet have to try and grow a sapling. I have no clue how it may smell, wood or otherwise.

    And I dislike Poison in all its varieties, the reason being that my only mother wears it in excess. Sowwy, Dior folks.

  2. Anonymous13:41


    I still wear the original Poison and have ever since it was released. I have a funny little Poison bracelet that actually holds the perfume (but it's empty). I wonder if I can find a photo of it online?

    Yep, here it is:

    I received it as a gift 20+ years ago. Kind of a funny little bit of perfume ephemera.

  3. Anonymous20:00

    kitty cat!!! if they'd had him transform from man to kitty in the shot where she thinks she's transforming him, it might be even more fun.

    i think they think she's more hypnotic than she is. pretty eyes, but not much behind them.

    catherine deneuve could've pulled this off - she has danger in her eyes - but this is just okay.

    do they sell hypnotic poison in parfum form in the states? would be curious to try it.


  4. L,

    I haven't seen jacaranda in Europe, as far as I recall. I'd be curious to see how it grows and is planted though!

    Ah, the original. A powerhouse to be sure. This one isn't too subtle either, only it's more "cozy" powerhouse, which makes it very popular.

  5. LB,

    lucky you! Sounds and looks lovely. They did bring out lots of paraphernalia surrounding the releases, I remember some pins they had once upon a time.

  6. J,

    obviously the lady has made a name for herself, otherwise I can't see the wisdom in choosing her, to be honest. :-/

    I don't know about parfum in the States (probably you'd need to ask), but the Elixir version is nuclear-lasting-power compatible. And because it's a soft frag to begin with a success.


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