Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diptyque Epinette, Perdigone & LE Winter 2011 Candle Coffret: Gifts for the Season

Diptyque, as regular as a clock, prepares winter gifts and treats for the home and your loved ones. For winter 2011 and the upcoming holidays, they have prepared two new candle scents, Epinette and Perdigone, and a limited edition mini candles coffret for collectors.

Echoing the aromatic freshness of its needles and the resinuous notes of its pine cones, Epinette, the Spruce Tree, is a green-hued candle which promises a wintry runaway in the depths of the woods. (68$ for 6.5oz or 32$ for 2.4oz)

For Perdigone, a concentrate of warm and fruity notes, clustered around a spiced plum, perfumes the house mouthwateringly. Absolutely comforting in the depths of winter. (68$ for 6.5oz or 32$ for 2.4oz)

The limited edition Winter 2011 mini-candles coffret by Diptyque contains three scented candles with spicy and woody notes: The familiar warmth of the Wood fire (Feu de Bois), the aromatic freshness of Pine (Pin), and the festive and spicy notes of Pomander (Pomander).
3 x 2.4oz candles retail for 84$ in a specially designed coffret.


  1. Anonymous03:35

    Diptyque has had Pine (Pin), Evergreen (Sapin), and now Spruce (Epinette) candles -- does anyone know how the spruce candle compares to the other conifer scents?

  2. Excellent question! I hope someone sees it and answers.
    I like the Sapin one, it's very Xmas-y (naturally...)

  3. Anonymous20:00

    I was bought Perdigone for Xmas nad it had zero throw :-(

  4. Anonymous20:02

    I was bought perdigone candle for xmas and it had zero throw


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