Friday, October 14, 2011

Ormonde Jayne perfumes: And now for some complimentary shipping

Ormonde Jayne does ship internationally her high-quality perfume, but the steep international shipping prices have been the obstacle for many people across the pond from the UK where the British brand resides. Just for October Ormonde Jayne is offering free shipping on all orders though, so if you have had something in mind, now's a good opportunity.
Enter the promotional code 'yippee' on the official Ormonde Jayne site for complimentary international shipping on every order from 14th October to November 1st.
NB. Their sample set is on complimentary shipping throughout the world all year long.


  1. Anna11:32

    Unfortunatelly OJ does not sale online and ship to Romania. God knows why!!!!

  2. Anna,

    that's a pity. I think you might want to mail them and ask directly. I know they try their best to cater to customers. Or maybe you have someone in the UK to send you some?

  3. Anna, I'm trying also to get an OJ. Did you manage anything? If yes, how? Thanks!


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