Saturday, August 6, 2011

Versace Yellow Diamond: new fragrance

Italian designer brand Versace is launching a new fragrance in their feminine line, after Bright Crystal (a fruity floral with grapefruit top notes) and Crystal Noir (with its ambery gardenia), named Yellow Diamond and reprising the now infamous top-heavy faceted crystal cap. The new fragrance is an airy floral.
Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw was shot by Mario Testino in Paris for the advertising campaign.

Note for Versace Yellow Diamond:
Top notes: lemon, bergamot, neroli, pear sorbet
Heart: orange blossom, mimosa, freesia, water lily
Base: amber, musk, guaiac wood


  1. Weird photo - they have made this lovely girl look just 'this' side of Zombie.

    I miss Gianni! There was a playful, tongue-in-cheek goofiness to the brand that has gone missing.

  2. Yes the ad does have a ghostly quality to it, she's a ghostly girl emerging from the wallpaper. I'm using my imagination as to how this frag will smell and my immediate reaction is; sour wood. Would love a sample to smell how wrong I might be!

  3. M,

    I miss Gianni too....He had a knack for making the grandiose and grotesque really fun and beautiful.

    I think the pic is rather unfortunate, but maybe they're denoting "ethereal"?? :P

  4. TFC,

    I wonder whether this is intentional: I see this skeletal bone structure with the really big teeth and gigantic eyes a lot in fashion spreads. It's weird. Maybe a step beyond the heroin chic into ghostly chic?

    Anyway, I predict a sharp, light floral with a light but persistent woody-amber base of Ambroxan. ;-)

  5. Well I agree with you.

    I just showed my daughter the ad and her response was "what do you mean? She doesn't look like a ghost, I think she looks like an angel."

    I suppose she could be the target audience...;~)

  6. There you go.... :-)


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