Friday, August 12, 2011

Helene Rochas: 1927-2011

"It's the end of a myth, of an era," a Rochas spokesperson said of her death. "She was the muse of one of the great couturiers, the last to remain alive from that era."

The wife and muse of Marcel Rochas, the one for which Femme by Rochas was created and who championed the Madame Rochas fragrance herself, passed away on August 6th at the age of 84.

Photo: Madame Helene Rochas in costume at the Rothschild's "Proust Ball".


  1. hotlanta linda22:55

    OUCH!! It is sad when genuine women leave us. Will a family member take her position??

  2. Anonymous15:59

    Wish I had my Madame Rochas with me. I would wear it in tribute. Karin


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