Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guerlain Vol de Nuit Holiday 2011 Collection

Guerlain's Holiday 2011 collection features many things to intrigue Guerlainophile buyers and hypnotise their respective admirers: from the unexpected peacock shades and deep, midnight blues down to the perfume-laced name (Holiday 2011 Vol de Nuit), it's a collection to look forward to. But amidst them all, one product will stir the heart strings of all perfume lovers: Vol de Nuit Powder Spray; "when perfume and makeup meet...inspired by a legendary fragrance".

What is it? A silky, etehereal loose powder which creates a light-reflecting veil with a subtle iridescent finish (shot with gold, silver, azure and sapphire), permeated with chypre & vanilla notes true to those of the mythical Vol de Nuit fragrance.A bulb atomiser ensures a light dispersing of the powder in a retro-chic way.
And what about the bottle? It reprises the wonderful, original retro bottle from 1933 with the fan of an airplane on front, but in shades of midnight blue, like the nightime skies in which the author of the homonymous novel, Antoine de Saint Exypéry, was forever lost.
When to expect? How much will it cost? Set to launch on Guerlain counters on 15th October of 2011 for the price 87 GBP, it's another thing to put up on your wishlist.

And of course there's another powder, this time a face powder, inspired by a legendary and defunct fragrance by Guerlain, Parure, called Parure d'Or, but this is not scented. It's only meant for cosmetic enhancement.

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  1. dleep16:58

    I think I need that powder!

  2. Anonymous18:14

    Be still my heart. The reproduction of the original flacon in that nocturnal blue is GORGEOUS. I definitely don't need it (sparkling powders don't do much for me) but I think I must have it.


  3. I just read that Vol de Nuit is Carla Bruni's favorite .. Vanity Fair, I think ... I wonder if those quotes are true? .... also reported that the Illunium you mentioned was Kate's favorite. Promotion, or true ... I wonder?

  4. Anonymous10:22

    Dear Karen - Kate wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum (a British company) for her wedding. And in my opinion, it smells just like Prescriptives Calyx!.


  5. Oh boy, where went my comment from earlier today? I was saying that I too would love that powder but wondered if this would be a draw now adays since so few younger woman seem to wear it. At least you don't see much in the stores where I live and certainly no longer powders that are matches for popular perfumes like Guerlain used to have. Shalimra, Jicky, Mitsouko and such? Also, look at the cost!

  6. I sense an upcoming order at Guerlain's. J


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