Monday, August 29, 2011

Dior J'Adore: New Ad Campaign & Teaser

Le Château de Versailles is the new mise en scène for the upcoming advertising campaign for Christian Dior's fragrance best-seller J'Adore. Starring Charlize Theron again, acclaimed director Jean-Jacques Annaud (L’Ours, L’Amant, Seven Years in Tibet…) shoots a new clip featuring our glamorous heroine (in dark sunglasses and a jacket with nothing underneath), which will be broadcasted in its entirety on September 4th. In the meantime, here is the teaser for your delectation.


  1. annemariec23:26

    Late for work again, sill girl. Forgot her underwear.

  2. Ha ha!! Yeah, that Charlize Theron girl, so rushed, so naked!

  3. If it's a bestseller, why more advertising?

  4. L,

    it's an established tactic to visually boost your best-seller so the brand gains credence and desirability overall. It helps along all the other products as well from a commercial point of view, without actually risking investing hugely (commercials are $$$$) in things that are less popular saleswise. ;-)
    The same happens with Dior and Miss Dior Cherie, Chanel and Coco Mademoiselle...they'd probably sell just as much without the continuing advertising, but the latter helps cement a certain brand cachet.

  5. Helg, it was a rhetorical question akin to Meh.

    I wonder what happened to Dolce Vita? It was a big thing umpteen years ago but it seems that it sunk under the radar a bit....

  6. L,

    gotcha, but it's still a valid question even if in a non-rhetorical manner: Readers might want to know for real.

    Dolce Vita has fallen victim of changing tastes in the mainstream, I believe. It can be best appreciated by the niche buying frag consumers, as it's so close to several of them. However I still see all the Dior classics (and recent classics) on counters and Sephora here, so it's not that hard to source, compared to the US for instance (as I'm told)

  7. I love Dolce Vita, in fact, it's the last Dior's thing that caught my heart. I'm reminded of that because I just got a big bottle of extrait the other day, glass stopper and everything, and I'm still having an ooh, shiny moment.


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