Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ineke new Floral Curiosities for Anthropologie

The new collection by indie perfumer Ineke Ruhland is coming: Ineke's new Floral Curiosities Collection for Anthropologie.  Based on inspirations from Ineke's garden, this limited edition collection will be available exclusively in all Anthropologie stores starting in August.

Four flowers with distinct personalities are represented in the collection. Each flower’s unique character is expressed through the artistically rendered packaging which will make the Anthropologie customer eager to showcase them on her vanity. Beautifully presented clear cylindrical glass bottles are enclosed in boxes decorated by prose in hand-drawn calligraphy. Soft watercolor paintings wash over the packaging and hint to the hues inside.

The Fragrances:
Eau de parfum spray vaporizer, 2.5 fl. oz., $68

Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia) Rich and Opulent
Angel’s Trumpet opens with refreshing notes of honeydew melon, Seville orange and leafy greens. The fragrance is then warmed by cinnamon leaf and allspice and supported by Virginia cedar and white musk.
Briar Rose (Rosa rubiginosa) Fruity and Powdery
Dark accents inspired by twisted thorns characterize Briar Rose. Black raspberry, bitter almond, exotic spices, black violet, patchouli and cacao absolute come together to form a unique fragrance.
Poet’s Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) Citrus and Herbal
A fragrance inspired by Poet’s Jasmine tea, replete with slices of citrus fruit. Added points of interest include star anise, rosemary, absinthe, frankincense, cardamom, hinoki wood and guaiac wood.
Scarlet Larkspur (Delphinium cardinale) Floral Oriental
The scent deepens with notes of claret wine, nutmeg, saffron, amyris wood, tonka bean and bourbon vanilla after a bright fruity opening consisting of blood orange, red currant and morello cherry.

info/image via press release


  1. Anonymous07:59

    Lovely style of perfume bottles and seems it have a nice fragment. Waiting for august badly.

  2. Glad to hear the news snippet is of interest!


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