Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perfume Quote: "All I can think about is her wearing nothing except that perfume."

Fragrance and scent in general plays a big role in what guys find attractive (or not) on a woman and on a recent Shine article titled "10 Beauty Moves Guys Find Sexy" it features prominently. Experiences range from the clean & scrubbed effect to having perfume lingering on a pillow...

"I don't know how she does it, but she always smells delicious," says Brent, 29, of his girlfriend, Cate. "Even when she just gets out of the shower!"
"I love inhaling her right here," says Damien, 35, pointing to the area of his girlfriend Veronica's neck right under her ear, where she says she applies Burberry's The Beat perfume every morning. "She smells amazing, all sexy and soft."
Mike, 30, loves his fiancée Nadine's Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise perfume. "All her stuff smells like it" he says. "I love it when I wake up and she's gone, I can still smell it on her pillow."
Tyler, 26, says his girlfriend "asked for a bottle of Stella Nude by Stella McCarthy for her birthday, and now I know why. She smells incredible in it. It's seriously like an aphrodisiac for me. All I can think about is her wearing nothing except that perfume."

Ladies, you have been warned!


  1. Awww. That's sweet.

  2. Yeah, isn't it? Men can be more romantic than given credit for.

  3. Let's see how these guys feel after 20 years of marriage (speaking from experience)! I refer to one of your articles on old man (people) smell. ;~)

  4. TFC,

    it's rather a given that what attracts at first is exactly the kind of thing that one despises as the years go by. But that might not be about perfumes, more about quirks ;-)
    Yeah, why NOT address old men as well? That would be a subject ripe for discussion!

  5. Being a famous intolerable prude, such a compliment would only make me throw that perfume away, probably at the perpetrator.
    Or I might start wearing Wild Oud, I can't imagine a living person compliment on that. Or, well, if I like it, and if it's actually made...


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