Friday, May 20, 2011

Fragrance Choices of the Famous...Again

When back in 2000 we first started putting out the fragrances chosen by the rich and famous (and several historical personages in the mix as well, including royalty) we had been compiling for years in what culminated into the Fragrances that Famous People Wear list, we had no idea this feature would be so popular. Now it seems magazines online pick up on our crumbles and the rest of the celebrity frag listers by mentioning these date for easy-lazy reportage. The latest article on the Daily Gossip is just that, picking alphabetically a handful of names to kickstart an article about fans who want to fashion themselves about their favourite stars. If your favourite star is between Adriana Lima and Dita von Teese, you might find some suggestions to at least inspire your next sampling spree.


  1. Oh..I'm disappointed Helen Mirren isn't on The List.

  2. Mimi G21:00

    I love your celebrity Fragrance list ,Elena. :) Thank you for having it - I look at it a lot ! :)

  3. Taffy,

    I hear she was a bohemian spirit. Maybe some oils she mixed up? Now, probably, something that has been offered by a PR company or goodie basket?

  4. Mimi,

    thanks! Glad it serves a purpose.

    I think it's a shame that paid journalists resort to picking up bits from online resources (mine and others' as well) to compile an article that is devoid of any opinion, any new view, anything personal. It's just lazy...

  5. I've always loved your list- it's how I found you!

  6. K,

    :-) And am I glad for that!

  7. Anonymous17:41

    is there any way to get this link working? I would love to see it!

  8. Hi there!

    Unfortunately the former Fortunecity hosted link doesn't work because it being a free account Fortunecity deleted it after a rather long free host (I'm saying this to be fair).
    As I didn't see the point in paying to have uploaded something that is meant as a public service (and to no profit to me whatsoever) I didn't bother to subscribe and pay their rates.

    If I have the time and inclination in the future I might sit and reconstruct a site on another platform. Preferably one who might not delete everything in such short notice. ;-)

    Thanks so much for your interest!!


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