Friday, March 18, 2011

Orlando Bloom on being the face of Boss Orange Man & What Scents he Likes on Women

'I wasn't really a 'fragrance guy' before, but Boss Orange is so easy to wear. It adds another dimension to my personality', Orlando says. 'I wouldn't have done it if it didn't fit my personality; it's so easy going, you can go mountain biking in it if you want!'
Thus describes Orlando Bloom ~the popular actor famous for his role of Legolas in Lord of the Rings, the lead in Pirates of the Caribbean and not only~ the scent of Boss Orange (for) Man, to which he will be the face from now on.

Boss Orange for men, the March 17th edition which was signed by Orlando Bloom as seen below is a Selfridges exclusive for now in the UK, while the scent circulates more widely of course, featuring "energizing top notes of crisp apple blended with the casual masculinity of Bubinga wood that creates a relaxed confidence with a genuine warmth". The full list of notes features apple, coriander, frankincense, Szechuan pepper, vanilla bean, Bubingawood. (45 GBP for 100ml)

Even though Orlando Bloom wasn't big on the fragrance experience, he did profess a keen nose for other smells: "The [London] underground has a really 'specific' smell which I remember from travelling to school and college. I also love the smell of fresh cut grass in summer, it reminds me of Kent (where Orlando grew up) and cricket".
He also admits a liking for that hallmark of cinematic olfactory exploration, the screen adaptation of the 1980s novel Das Parfum, screened as Perfume, the Story of a murderer. 'I really like the film Perfume, it's really hard but they definitely captured the spirit. It would be great if, like 3D cinemas, they could add smell to films'. Way to go Orlando!

And what does the pretty Orlando prefer on a woman scent-wise? "I always like the smell of a woman, the neck, behind the ear; she can be wearing a fragrance or not. I don't like fragrances that wear a woman though". Ladies, you've been warned.

Source of quotes: Elle magazine interview Orlando Bloom picture via


  1. Orlando Bloom can sniff my neck or behind my ear whenever he likes. I'll wear perfume, or not - whichever he prefers. Hell, I'll slap on some peanut butter if that's what he likes! :D


  2. J,

    one Eau d'Orlando served up cozily warm for you! :-)
    I am sure this will have fans aflutter, seazing the signed bottles in a the flick of an eyelid. And why not? That's what celebrities are for.

  3. Can't say this blew me away, but I don't think it is a Selfridges exclusive - I've seen it at my local department store and Boots, the Chemist.

  4. M,

    oh yeah, I mustn't have stressed that it is the signed-for bottles that are Selfridges exclusive (you can see the pic I uploaded).
    Yes, the scent is not an exclusive. ;-)

  5. BARBARA O16:50

    Ordered Puredistance sample set from Scent Bar.
    Cheers, Barbara O

  6. Ok, sorry, I see what you mean now!

  7. Barbara,

    hope you end up liking them. Or should I say no, because they're so expensive...?
    Good luck!

  8. Michael,

    oh no, it wasn't clear before, my mistake! :-)
    There is also only one size of signed bottles from what I saw on the Selfridges site.

  9. The packaging is very 1970's. So it's making me think that the smell is going to harken back to that time. Maybe something by Pucci?

  10. TFC,

    I hadn't thought of it that way, but you have a point. It is a bit of geometrical wall-paper looking.
    (BTW I suppose Orlando wasn't even born in the 70s, or was he?)

  11. Oh I think his very fresh virile self was not born in the seventies!

  12. TFC,

    assumed as much, thanks for confirming! ;-)


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