Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diptyque Rose/Eros: gifts for St.Valentine's Day

Diptyque and Kuntzel & Deygas continue their collaboration after the Belle & Bête duo of candles with a new duet in specially designed labels. Two perfumes unite their voices in one delightful song, creating new accords: Rose & Eros.

Rose : Rose Piaget marries to the essence Basil Grand Vert Egypte, with cassis, violet and soft and sensuous musks.
Eros : Rose Rugosa is coupled with essences of myrrhe, benjoin from Laos, Péru balsam, cedar and sandalwood. Limited edition collector's item.
140gr for 60 euros.

There is also a limited edition of the famous Roses candle in mini and rose-tinted glass, soon to be a collector's item.

70gr for 28 euros.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful gift this would be! Actually, any Diptyque candle is a perfect gift. Pretty to look at, beautiful to experience. I personally have had my eye on the Galliano for awhile now.

  2. Anonymous23:27

    OMG OMG the sequel to last year's Beauty and the Beast candles? With rose now instead of violet!? Swoon!!!

  3. They look very beautiful.

  4. As if I needed ANOTHER fabulous Diptyque candle to acquire. But "Eros" sounds like it could be another favorite, after Thé, Musc, John Galliano, Feu de Bois ...
    Thanks for being an invaluable resource, yet again.


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