Thursday, September 9, 2010

Racy commercial for Intimately Yours by David & Victoria Beckham

"Racy": really? I thought it was rather predictable. What say you?

Intimately Yours duo of fragrances (for him and for her) by David & Victoria Beckham is set to be the 5th launch of the super-duet, promising it's the steamiest of their celebrity scents offerings so far. They would, wouldn't they?

Source Marie Claire UK


  1. Wham bam thank-you ma'am. [Yawn.]

  2. pfft. Tom Ford laughs at their idea of raunch.

  3. QC,

    about right! LOL! I found it cliche myself. They're going how it's "raunchy" though and racy on other sites/magazines. Goes to show you....

  4. GL,

    ROTFL!! Exactly! I don't think anyone can surpass Tom in the raunch department! ;)

  5. Anonymous03:22

    it's kinda cute, actually. i like her reaction at the end.

    and i would really like to know what eye shadow she is wearing. it is gorgeous!



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