Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Dior Homme Commercial Directed by Guy Richie

The new Dior Homme commercial titled Un Rendez-Vous stars suave Jude Law engaged in ~apparently~ some role-playing sex game with a girlfriend (introducing Slovak model Michaela Kocianova who has a ridiculously predictable thick accent and sounds like Elmer Fudd!). The news is it's been directed by acclaimed British director and ex-Madonna-spouse Guy Ritchie. “You know who I am,” Law growls as Michaela Kocianova helps him slip into his pants, obviously made at the Dior ateliers. “I know who you are. You know where I’ve been. I know where you’ve been….” The dialogue is left at that (it's sounding all too repetitive or is it just me?)— and it’s never quite clear who Law is talking to. Then Law jumps into a vintage car and speeds off to the Eifel Tower. Nice touch to have the girl wearing his cologne, Dior Homme is great on women's skin too! (Have been enjoying it myself)

Greaaaaat, now what do YOU think? I'm a little stumped myself (Isn't it a little confusing? There's some back and forth between past and present all while they're talking on the phone). I like Guy Ritchie's cinematic work on the whole.
And what's that with famous cinematic directors reprising commercials for perfumes lately? (see Scorcese and Chanel Bleu)

More reading about the Ritchie-Dior film:

clip brought to my attention via popwatch


  1. I'm afraid I'm not too impressed.

    Law has shown in the past that he can exude easy, aristocratic sophistication (see The Talented Mr Ripley) which leaves me baffled as to why Ritchie asked him to adopt an awful mockney accent to advertise what must surely be one of the classiest men's scents ever made.

    A real mis-fire in my opinion.

  2. Persolaise,

    it's not on a par with previous advertisements (I am thinking of JP Goude and Mondino and the very original concepts for their clips -nothing cliche or sex-game simulating there ) but it's fun in its own way.
    My assessment is similar to yours though, don't know if was clear: not very classy, too "serious" for its own good, too parodical perhaps? I don't know...the dialogue makes absolutely no sense and that thick accents distracts me. The cinematography looks good though!

    Let's enjoy Dior Homme, very classy indeed.

  3. Anonymous11:39

    When I first saw this, I was laughing so hard I fell off of my chair! My husband wondered what was going on. I showed him the commercial. He belly-laughed. We really thought it was a satire, especially given GL's sarcastic British sense of humor. Wasn't it?? Was this really meant to be taken seriously? The dialogue is truly the stuff of cult films like, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".

  4. Anonymous11:40

    Oops, meant GR there, not GL!

  5. It's so lame, it doesn't has anything to do with my perception of Dior Homme, except that I also often borrow it across the shelf. It seems GR has degraded to a modelizer, to quote from SATC "Modelizers are obsessed not with women but with models, who in most cities are safely confined to billboards and magazines, but in Manhattan actually run wild on the streets, turning the city into a virtual model country safari where men can pet the creatures in their natural habitat."

  6. Anonymous18:49

    This is so boring and really goes nowhere...The scary part is the massive crew and craft on set , what a joke!

  7. Muddled is the word that comes to mind. Pretentious is the next. But, I don't care if it is ridiculous or not, I could hear Jude Law being sexy all day long. I know better, but it was a bit of a turn on anyway!


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